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Dollars In Cuba

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I have a load of US Dollars in small bills ie 1's and 5's, will I be able to use them say for food, drink, od tax''s in Cuba


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    Sorry, ref Cuba I meant to write, Food ,Drinks, Taxi's
  • Hey Brayman - your dollars are perfect for paying these little accounts. in fact, most locals prefer payment in dollars as they can do more with it and it has a more even value. So go ahead and offer to pay in dollars, but keep some local currency as well, just in case.
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    Many thanks floodedcodeboy I feel better already ! I thank you and my pal Norman thanks you !!
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    Brayman, the US dollar is no longer legal tender in the US. The official currency is the Cuban Peso (CUP), but the 'tourist' currency is the Peso Convertible (CUC), which replaces the US Dollar as currency in tourist related establishments like hotels, restaurants and so called 'dollar shops'. You may be able to pay little amounts in dollars, but not assume you will be able to. And don't count on paying larger accounts with dollars. You are better of bringing notes or travellers cheques in Canadian, pounds or Euros and changing them into Pesos. If you change dollars you will be charged a 20% penalty fee. Bottom line: small notes likes 1 and 5 are ok for tips and small charges, but is no longer legal tender like dollars used to be!
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    Serge, what can I say, your advice is what my head is saying but I have a load of small bills and thought everyone in Cuba would love Us Dollars. See I'm Irish but I'm not green if you get my drift. So yopu reckon tips and small bills only eh, oh well I'm off to New York in Feb so the dollars will have to do me then, unless anyone hassome other advice, that is someone who has been in Cuba lately ? anyone else any recent Cuban experiences, feel free to share
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    Brayman, I too am off to cuba and have $500 to take with me and though I might be able to pay for trips, swimming with dolphins etc with US dollars. My parents went to Cuba 2 years ago and found US dolars to be the best currency but I'm wondering if it has changed since? Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!
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    You can pay in dollars but u will attract a 10% surcharge for doing so. However, dollars are not legal tender anymore so no-one is obliged to accept them or honour the real exchange rate. It is better to us Visa card and draw local currency, or get travellers cheques in other currency.
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