Ferry to Tripoli

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Hi - is it possible to get a ferry from Italy to Tripoli in Libya? Or from anywhere else in Europe?


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    Hi - you can take a ferry to Tripoli from Palermo in Sicily and also from Genoa and Salerno. I think there are also ferrys to Tripoli from Marseille. You can also get to Sousse (Tunisia) from Sicily by ferry I think and then get a bus or train accross the border where you Libyan travel agent can pick you up. Another option is to get to Malta and then fly...
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    I dont expect there are many ferrys to Tripoli at present!
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    At present there is a ferry connection from Malta to Tripoli. As far as I know there are no direct connections to Tripoli from Italy, the closest you get is Tunis (from Genoa, Palermo, Civitavecchia and Salerno).
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