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Suggested itinerary in Libya

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Hi - anyone got advice on suggested itinerary for Libya? I will probably be there about 10 days, but this is flexible. Many thanks!


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    Depends so much what you want to do but here is one of the standard itineraries for Libya...
    Start in Libya and take a day trip to Sabratha (a roman site), then fly to Cyrenaic (Benghazi) from there you can go to Al Bayda, passing through Tukhra and Ptolomais. Benghazi is Libyas second city and the main port - founded by the Greeks. Next head to Cyrene where you can see the temple of Zeus which is a large copy of the Parthenon. Stay in Al Bayda and back to Tripoli for a night. Next stop Letis Magna, another fascinating ancient city which was built by the Phoenicians, and Leptis Magna (2 days) and back again to Tripoli - where of course there is lots to see.
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    hello richard
    I am Mahmoud Akka, I have a turistic company in Libia, in Tripoli.
    The name is Deser Akakus,
    I am a tuareg guide from Ghadames.
    I can prepare for you trip by 4x4, by flight, trekking, in all Libya, with good service and cheap price.
    I hope to work with you.
    Thanks and have a nice day.

    Mahmoud Akka
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    Dear Richard

    I hope this message finds you well. My name is Yousha Othman and I’m contacting you on behalf of Aya Tour Company in Libya, a tour agency with some of the most experienced guides in North Africa.

    We at Aya would like you to consider adding Libya’s spectacular historical and cultural attractions to your tour roster. Aya is ready to prepare bespoke tours for your clients, covering thousands of years of ruins from ancient civilisations, breathtaking desert scenery and all aspects of Libya’s unspoilt heritage. As a country that was recently reopened to the international community, this is an incredible opportunity to visit pure, untouched sites and a wholly unique culture.

    Aya’s offices cover all regions of the country and our highly experienced guides are from local communities, bringing insight and a native perspective that clients desire but do not get in many other destinations. Our comprehensive offer can take clients to Egypt’s main attractions as well, a special opportunity for visitors who want to see our eastern neighbour in the same trip.

    Aya will arrange all aspects of the journey, from visas to accommodation to professional drivers and 4x4s for adventure tours. Our staff and guides speak German, English and Italian, as well as Arabic and local Libyan languages to ensure your clients don’t miss any of the details that will make the trip so special.

    I hope this is just the beginning of your connection to Aya and that we may establish a long-term partnership. For more information please check our website or contact me anytime.

    Thank you for your time and attention, and I look forward to hearing from you

    Yousha Othman
    Marketing & Executive Manager
    Tel /+218.92.6054452
    Email / [email protected] - [email protected]
    Web /
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    hello, my dear
    i am alhouderi from libya/sebha city
    in libya there are coastal tourist areas such as sabratha.leptis magna and cyren.on the other hand, we never forget the desert huge land,over there you can see the nature,the moon,shining stars at night ,the lakes, the desert animals CAMELS and prehistoric painting on stones.
    my advice to you is to go to obari and murzuk and ghat where you can see all things i mentioned. just decide to come and i will organise very excellent ,interest trips to you.
    my email adderss is [email protected]
    my phone number is 218926346924
    thank you very much indeed
    abdussalam alhouderi
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    Please visit for an excellent collection of Libya tours and itineraries. There are so many tours to choose from. Just click on any of the numbers from 1 to 18 to see the itinerary details, photos and prices.
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