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Is it possible budgetary travel in Maldives?

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I heard about cheap rest in Maldives? Is it real possible?

I have a big wish but not too much money ;)


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    I was in the last month in the Maldives with my family and incredibly cool rested, saved money when compared to conventional tours to the islands hotels. Perhaps my experience will come in handy.
    It is a pleasant fact our holiday was cheap. The correlation of price and quality at 100%. And we brought home not only unforgettable impressions but also the money which we saved owing to discounts and low prices. Thank you staff of the hotel.
    We found the local island. Is is Maafushi island. The island is located in South Male’ Kaafu Atoll, just 30 minutes from the airport if you go on a speed boat. Also to the island can be reached by regular ferry coming from Male’ from 10 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. all days except Friday. Cost one way for one person is 2.5 - 3 $ and it takes 1.5 hours of time.
    Maafushi is really nice local island! It is not resort but it is great place for those who want to immerse in the atmosphere of the local life of Maldives and Resort of Maldives at the same time and save money.
    There are some guest houses. We have read a lot of reviews about them and chose to Summer Villa Guest House. It was the best hotel experience I have ever had! Hotel is cosy, service is very attentive and personal. Rooms are lovely and the food served is top class and affordable. Management is knowledgable and give good tips for excursions and dining.
    We are a family of three and our rooms were huge with views to the garden. Breakfast was excellent. The host were always there for help. It was decided to make a barbecue one evening and the host asked each guest if they wanted to take part - very informal - and made us feel at home.
    Maafushi is a perfect place for relaxing with beautiful Indian ocean, also a great base for your trips to explore this island and neighbour islands. Hotel Summer villa is a unique experience of style and comfort. We appreciated the friendly service and attention. Even though we are always looking for new experiences, this is a place we certainly would like to return to.
    All in all it was a wonderful 5 days at a peaceful hotel where you can just relax or if you want a lots of activities any kind. So it is a great choice for the tourists that want "budget holidays". Resort rest (15$ all day with lunch), the snorkeling, fishing from boat, swimming with manta ray and dolphins , a picnic on a deserted island, rest on a small beach in the middle of the ocean (a small island, where nothing except sand), a concert of national culture and etc.
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    Thanks so much for all info you gave me. You had really good experience. You hooked me your story and I want to repeat your trip. But I need more details about the prices at the guest house and other costs to calculate the budget for my trip. Thanks in advance
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    About the hotel. Hotel Summer villa guest house is a cozy place. Rooms were spacious and furnished with a large soft bed and bedside tables, a large wardrobe with a wooden safe inside, a dressing table with bench, fridge, powerful AC, fans, etc. Every room had a private toilet and shower with hot water. Soap and shampoo were a kind of pleasant surprise for guests.
    Room price was about 50 dollars per night double room + Bed Tax $ 8 per person per day + 6% per room per night service charge + 10% tax. Total 50+8+8+4.5+2.7 = 91.2 dollars. All taxes are required for the entire Maldives, and the same everywhere.

    Dinner was $ 7 per person buffet. With the dessert. Every night they making candlelight. Very romantic! Breakfast is included in the price (also buffet). Lunch on request. You can buy at the store on their own products at low prices and in the kitchen for tourists to eat. This added convenience for me there. There is hot water kettle, toaster, tea and coffee free, dishes. You can do everything that you want. Complete freedom, just like at home. You can eat at other hotels or cafes. But it is not safe. All experienced myself. Tourists from another hotels comes to eat in Summer villa.

    Resort rest (15$ all day with lunch), the snorkeling, fishing from boat, swimming with manta ray and dolphins , a picnic on a deserted island, rest on a small beach in the middle of the ocean (a small island, where nothing except sand), a concert of national culture and etc. I can write in more detail later. Everything is different, depending on the situation. On average, the basic tour cost 10-20 dollars per person, there's something for free. All in different ways. Above all, there are a lot of competition, and prices fell.
    Maafushi it is a small island two kilometers on one and a half kilometers, so you can see the ocean from any place on the island. There are no proper beaches and reefs, hotels, all common use.
    During all your holiday you stay in one cheap hotel but cozy with family-like atmosphere. Every day you can spend on Resort islands South Male' Atoll: Anantara Veli Maldives, Biyadhoo Island Resort, Cocoa Island and other. And you can go on islands without people. There are some island where you can stay all day absolutely alone. The staff from the hotel brings you on this island and can arrange for you picnic with barbecue. And every evening I returned back on Maafushi island in Summer Villa Guest house. It is not expensive excursions. I can for example to calculate the day of rest in this way. Day in Summer villa hotel costs about $ 90 for two with Breakfast. After Breakfast you on a speed boat will go to Biyadhoo Island Resort and resting the whole day there, enjoying all the amenities as guests of the Biyadhoo Island (restaurant, toilet, shower, sun beds, beaches, Spa-salon etc. The Spa and the food in the restaurant as guests of the Biyadhoo Island you pay extra). The hotel give you lunch with you and in the evening they take you on a high-speed boat back to the Maafushi. It costs 15 dollars. The price includes riding on a speed boat twice, lunch, rest on the island. And dinner in the Summer villa guest house was cost usd 7 per person. Total all day for 2 pesron on 2 islands will cost about USD 150.

    More details about excursions.
    1. Dolphin Watching Trips (about 20 $).
    It is a cruise specially designed for watching dolphins. You can see how they dancing, jumping and playing with each other. Also you can touch someone from the boat. It is a surprisingly unforgettable impression! ?

    2. Trip to Picnic islands (about 65$ with barbecue and with transfer in two sides).
    Picnic islands are small uninhabited islands that have equal natural beauty and setup. A picnic island is more natural than resorts and has more privacy. However, picnic islands have all the required facilities such as toilets, bar, rooms, eating and dining facilities. You can spend the whole day in the clear waters of these islands, swimming, snorkeling, Beach games and experience a barbecue on the beach. And you will be alone on this island.

    3. Excursion on Resort (from 15$ till 150$).

    4. Dhivehi Cultural Music and Dance – BODU BERU (from 0$ - 10$).
    This is show Maldives songs, playing drums and dancing.

    5. Fishing.
    Fishing can be an adventure. You can catch such as sailfish, swordfish, marlin, wahoo, barracuda, yellowfin tuna and other game. You can enjoy excellent fishing from aboard Maldivian dhonee. Day and Night fishing using the traditional local style fishing with fishing line and weights. Everybody will catch some or many fishes and after that for you will be cooked your catch on barbecue.

    6. Malé Excursion.
    And many other excursions.
    This is some of the information. You can ask if this is not enough.
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    So it looks really budgetary trip! And entertainment program is very diverse and interesting . This is more than I had hoped and with such money is not a question of. Helena62, thanks so much! I'm starting to prepare for the trip under your plan so that if something can help it would be not bad.
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    Look here: Jupiter Sunrise Lodge on Keyodhoo Maldives Vavoo Atoll.
    You want to review a lot of information on Facebook at Jupiter Sunrise Lodge.
    A large All Inn offer for a cheap price.
    All day trips are all inn.

    Room and board
    You will live in our newly built guest house in an air-conditioned double room with shower, washbasin and toilet. There is also a kitchen, a living room and a separate guest toilet. Bed linen, towels and beach towels (for excursions) are available. Your room is cleaned daily.

    Board at our guest house includes three daily meals, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages (water, soda, juice, coffee and tea etc).
    Breakfast consists of toast, jams, honey, chocolate hazelnut cream, cheese and eggs. Also cereals and of course fresh tropical fruits are served.
    Lunch may, depending on daily planning be at the guesthouse or as a picnic or BBQ held at one of your trips.
    In the evening we will serve fresh fish, served with potatoes, rice or french fries, salads, vegetables and pasta.
    Our excursions and activities

    Excursion "Island Ambara"
    By dhoni we can reach the island of Ambara within about an hour. Ambara offers a wonderful sandy beach with a sandspit extending into the sea. It is a perfect location for sunbathing and relaxing. Only a few strokes away from the beach a beautiful house reef which is perfect for snorkeling.
    It is also possible to play Volleyball on the beach.
    On the island we serve an exquisite lunch, which is usually made from freshly prepared fish, pasta, salads and fresh fruit. Non-alcoholic soft drinks are of course always available.
    Excursion "Island Hulidhoo"
    The Island Hulhidhoo can be reached by dhoni within a few minutes. Hulhidhoo offers plenty of space for playing and relaxing and the beach is an excellent place to snorkel.
    The lunch we serve on Hulhidhoo is a picnic, which generally consists of sandwiches, fresh fruit and cakes. In addition, non-alcoholic soft drinks and coffee are always available.

    Trip to the sandbank
    Various sandbanks are reachable by dhoni within an hour and it’s also possible to make a stop at one of the wonderful reefs for snorkeling. A trip to a sand bank is mainly to relax and unwind! A little variety and exercise can offer a volleyball match. We offer our guests a picnic lunch and plenty of cold drinks.
    Our team bring you to beautiful pristine reefs and coral gardens. You will be accompanied by an instructor whilst watching a lot of fish, rays, turtles and lobsters. For snorkel fans, we can arrange a full day snorkeling trip including a picnic lunch on a sandbank.
    Please bring your own equipment (mask, fins, snorkel) to Keyodhoo.
    Diving is possible with Diving School "Muraka Diving" (not included). They speak English, German, Italian, French, Spain and Dhivehi.
    We will gladly arrange the contact with Muraka Diving.
    Other activities
    - Campfire on the beach
    - BBQ on the beach
    - Traditional Bodu Beru performances (the men of the island play the "big drum," sing and dance)
    - Badminton, table tennis, volleyball
    - Surf Fishing (own equipment!)
    - Relaxing

    All this is All Inn

    High season (January, February, March, August, November and December)
    Double room, per person, per night 90, - USD
    Double room, for single occupancy, per night 120, - USD

    Low season (April, May, June, July, September, October)
    Double room, per person, per night 79, - USD
    Double room, for single occupancy, per night 100, - USD

    The price includes the use of the rooms, meals including soft drinks, swimming and snorkeling.

    Not included is the Bed Tax (8, - USD per person, per night) and the costs for fishing.

    The Boat
    Our boat is a 15m typical local dhoni, 3.70 m wide, with a covered central cabin. The inboard diesel engine can reach between 10-12 knots. The boat can be fished from the stern, the bow, and from the upper deck (32.5 square meters). It provides optimal space for 2 anglers however, there is no problem with fishing for up to 4 anglers with escorts.
    In the evenings tours can be planned and discussed on the basis of detailed marine cards.
    The equipment
    The boat is fully equipped for all common types of fishing: jigging, poppers, bottom fishing, trolling, live bait. Facilities at the bow, stern and upper deck includes corresponding rod holders, Hummingbird fish finder, Canon downrigger, Outrigger, networks, Gaff & AFTCO Tailer (tail loop). We prefer Stand Up fishing, so we have two Black Magic Gimbal and Harness (Standard / XL) on board.
    Equipment for trolling:

    2 John Vollmer Stand Up rods 50lb, Pacific Bay Roller & Gimbal, Canyon EX-50, Maxima 50lb IGFA Line
    2 John Vollmer Stand Up rods 30lb, Pacific Bay Roller & Gimbal, Canyon EX-30, Maxima 30lb IGFA Line
    2 John Vollmer Stand Up rods 80lb, Pacific Bay Roller & Gimbal, Canyon EX-50, Stroft GTP 100lb

    Equipment for jigging:

    2 ATC Vanguard PE 4-8 Casting, Canyon HS-30 2-Speed / Canyon HS-30, WAKU Stroft multicolor 80lb

    Equipment for popping:
    2 ATC Blitz PE 8-10, Canyon DJR-6500, WAKU Stroft 100lb

    Halco, Molix, Tailwalk / Gunz, Rapalla, Mann, Pakula, Moldcraft

    Types of Fishing and Places
    Usually we are fishing at the outer reefs of the atolls. The escarpment runs there at 1000m, then at 2000m with the surf breaking on the reef (preferred sites for Giant Trevally). Along the atolls extend several streams and Ripps which we trail with lures or Livebait. Particularly promising as a tip is the southern of the Vaavu atoll. Here, the depth is 2000m and several currents intersect. Even the inner atoll can be fished; however, the danger of being demolished by coral is much higher. Somewhat different is the case with the "Blue Hole", the deep water area of the atolls: here you have a good chance of Trevally, Jacks and Dogtooth Tuna.
    Contrary to the tourist resorts on Keyodhoo fishing is allowed from the bank, and worth a try (though we cannot afford professional assistance!).

    Generally, we catch only fish that cannot be released, or for our own consumption or that of the local population. We are also in constant contact with various labeling programs for billfish, tuna, trevally and often take part. We are involved in the conservation of resources, particularly of location sedentary species.

    Smaller excursions with the boat are included in the price. For longer trips and day trips we charge the following prices for diesel:
    Trolling: $ 150.00 / boat

    Types of Fish and Fishing

    Marlin, Sail Fish, Yellow Fin, Wahoo, Dogtooth, Barracuda and Dorado

    Giant Trevally, Blue Fin Trevally, Dogtooth, Snappers

    Dogtooth, Giant Trevally, Bluefin Trevally, Snapper, Job Fish, Emperor, Grouper

    Snapper, Giant Trevally, Bluefin Trevally, Emperor, Job Fish, Grouper

    What to bring
    Your favorite rod / reel / bait; additional Speed Jiggs (200 - 400 g), Popper, Stickbaits, trolling lures, rigging material, throwing gloves (possibly: equipment for fly fishing or surfcasting)
    Sunscreen (high factor!), Slippers, sunglasses, (Polaroid) camera (enough storage capacity)

    For Reservations:

    [email protected]

    For further information and inquiries, please send us an email or call us.
    Thank you.

    thank you
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