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Going to Cuba from Madrid

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I am an American living in France, have a french visa, and plan to go to Cuba via Madrid using my American passport. Should I expect any problems and can I get a tourist card from Madrid?


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    Cubans don't mind if you have an American passport, there shouldn't be any problems there!
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    As Anya says your Passport is immaterial, Cuba welcomes everyone - especially Americans - with open arms.

    You MUST have a Tourist Card before boarding the aircraft in Madrid. Impossible to guess what your options are when you give no clue regarding which airline or whether you're on a package tour or travelling independently, but call your airline and confirm whether they supply the Tourist Card. If not, you need to explore options.

    Have fun.

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    If you are having American Passport then trust me you are not going to face any kind of problem, Go ahead and have a safe journey.
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