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Travel to Cuba

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We will be traveling to Cuba in a month and have just found out that we will need a Cuba Tourist Card (visa) to enter the country which cannot be purchased without proof of travel insurance. We will be entering Cuba from Panama City via Avianca airlines. Can we purchase the travel visa in Panama at this airlines or where else in Panama Ciry can we purchase this? Also, where do we purchase the travel insurance? We are US cirizens and hold only US passports.


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    You can purchase the Tourist Card right at the airport, you can't board the aircraft without it. Everyone on your flight will be doing the same.

    You do not require insurance to purchase the TC, but you technically require insurance to enter Cuba. Cuban Immigration doesn't always ask - they mostly target Cuban Americans - but even if you slip through you should have medical insurance anyway, that's simply travelling smart.

    You can purchase Cuban insurance at the airport when you land. Asistur Insurance is a great product at a very fair price and covers lots more than simple medical. It's easy and fast to purchase at the airport in Cuba and covers repatriation. It works so well that you can hardly believe that it's Cuban based:

    Have fun.

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