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What to do in Vietnam?

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Hi every one, I and my friend will travel to Vietnam, 2 week, on March 2013, fly to Hanoi, come my home from HCM airport. Have any one give us suggestion? Destination I must see, where to eat, things to do, transport...?
Thanks very much.


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    Hi maryjame,

    Congrats for your upcoming trip to such a beauriful country!

    My last trip there was also 2 weeks. Unforgetable trip! Wish to come back to Vietnam every summer!

    I stumbled upon Indochina Pioneer tour company on the internet, and Lam, the Sales Manager tailored a great trip for me and my wife. I suggest you visit their website and send your request to them (remember to ask for Lam). This company will do you well:

    Have a fun trip, like we did!
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    Hi, FemailDuck,

    Welcome to Vietnam, how do you know for vietnamese?we can help you get more it Ha
    Long Bay , a bay of wonder, is one of the most impressive landscapes in the
    world with thousands of islets and islands scattered throughout an area of 1500
    sq km, and located only 170km North East of Hanoi. The local people use their
    imagination to flow the spirit into those mindless, timeless limestone and
    rocky islands, and make them lovelier, livelier and attractive with names such
    as: fighting cock islet, human head islet, golden tortoise and Ha Long itself,
    means “descending dragon”. If you want to know infomation, please contract us:
  • All those keen to check out Vietnam (amazing!) should have a glance through this free and simple Vietnam Travel Guide to get an idea what the country has to offer.
  • an Halong bay overnight tour is one thing not to be missed
  • Motorcycle Trip within Vietnam including - Da Lat, Danang, Haiphong, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Hong Gai, Hue, Long Xuyen, Nam Dinh, Nha Trang. They're very amazing trips
  • Ha Noi. Ho Chi Minh, Sa Pa, Da Nang..... 
    Well come to vietnam
  • You could visit:
    for more useful information about Vietnam Travel. Enjoy a great Vietnam holiday!
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    Depending on your time, you can choose the trip as below:
    Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang
    Nha Trang to Hoi An
    Hoi An to Hue
    Hue to Phong Nha
    Phong Nha to Ha Noi
    Ha Noi to Ha Long
    Ha Noi to Sapa
    And Ha Noi come back Home
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    Here is my suggest:
    Visitors to Ho Chi Minh City can choose from a wide range of boat trips into the Mekong delta, but one of the first to take tourists beyond the towns and well-known Cai Be floating market to smaller farms and settlements is Bassac, run by a French former oil exec and his Vietnamese wife.

    The market town of Can Tho was all noise and shouts and busy people, but once the refurbished rice barge with its cosy en suite cabins cast off from a town pier, all was peaceful. My thoughts turned to Willie Wonka's factory as we cruised along a chocolate-coloured channel.

    Disembarking on a small, equally Dairy Milk canal in rural Hao Thanh district, we took a short walk with guide Lan along raised paths to the house of a Mrs Cam. Tourists are still rare enough in these parts for our small group to draw excited "hellos" from groups of children even 100m away across the water. One farmer snapped a pic of my weird blonde head with his phone.

    Everything growing so abundantly in this fertile land is used for something, Lan told us: leaves for salads and soups, water hyacinth leaves for household goods, banana stems for rope, and fruit, of course. Mrs Cam and family served us pineapples, mangoes and jackfruit, and tiny cups of tea at her waterside house and, with help from Lan, our little group of five Brits chatted and exchanged jokes with our hosts until it grew dark.

    The people of the delta are known within Vietnam as happy-go-lucky types who live for the moment. Thanks to all that cocoa-y silt in the river, the land is super-fertile, and life is pretty laid-back. Lanterns and torches lit our way back to the landing stage, where we climbed into the small boat that would deliver us back to the Bassac.

    I stared back up the bank to where the family were waving and smiling. Yes, we'd paid for the privilege of dipping into their lives for an hour or two, but I felt very pleased with the bargain, and our hosts gave a good impression of being happy with it, too.
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