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bali and sumatera

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hi everone!
I'm planning to travel to bali and sumatera for about a month - from the
end of JUN - middle of march. will the weather be a problem?
I don't mind some rain, but don't want to stay indoors all day..

I have an american passport, but I was born in Israel and have an israeli passport as well. If I arive with my american passport, can the fact
that it's written that I was born in isarel be a problem?
thank's a lot


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    hi. If I were you I would go to Sumatra as late as possible. Travelling can be difficult in the wet season. March is usually getting towards the end of the rainy season, but May, June, July, August, September are considered to be the Dry Season. Bali is ok in the rainy season - there is still plenty to do and the roads are usually passable. Having said all that - the rain can be quite exciting sometimes!! Re the passport issue - I can't help with that one I'm afraid. Bali is a Hindu island, but Indonesia itself is a Muslim country - albeit a very tolerant one. I would imagine there would not be a problem, but you might need to check further?
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    Hi Elish,
    We've had questions on this forum before about whether Israeli stamps or passports are a problem in Indonesia and the responses have been overwhelmingly that this is no problem at all. A little internet research turns up no incidents of trouble either so you should be absolutely fine.
    Liz Hayes is absolutely right about the weather - if you must travel during the rainy season then Bali is a good destination.
    Check out these travel guides for Bali and Sumatra for some ideas on what to see and do while you're there. Enjoy!
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