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Getting from Rotterdam Port to Amsterdam (not by train)

I am trying to arrange transportation for 10 at the end of a cruise disembarking in Rotterdam. How can this be done without costing $800 to $1000 dollars? Trains are not an option as most of us can't handle that much baggage ourselves. Taxi fare for the four cabs that would be needed (baggage for 2 to 3/taxi would be max. to fit) would be $800 to $1000. Using Holland America transportation goes only to airport in Amsterdam for $63 - then another $20 plus to get into town. This also wastes time, as we only have one day to see Amsterdam. Our hotel suggested that we 'strap on our luggage' and peddle rental bikes!!! Considering that our reservations at the hotel were for 5 senior citizens rate rooms, and it's 50 miles or so between cities, I don't have much faith in the concierge!!!! Surely there is a service that would deliver us for less than $1000. Ideas would be welcome. Joyce


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    This is quite a problem. Because of the very extensive and fast public transport system in the Netherlands, there are not much options in between hiring normal (European ;) ) sized taxi's (max 3 people with luggage) and touring cars (40-60 people). Some taxi companies do have mini-van-style cars, though. Prices for a taxi between Amsterdam and Rotterdam are approximately 130 euro per taxi, as you already now.

    I would start by calling some taxi companies in Rotterdam or Amsterdam (find them on internet), asking for mini-vans. If you make pre-arrangements, and would be able to fit every-one with luggage in 2 or 3 mini vans, you should be able to fix a price at around 300-400 euro, or even less. All taxi companies do have an administration, ask for it, instead of starting negotiations with the dispatcher. English should not be a problem, that is usually well understood and spoken in the Netherlands. Google for `taxi minivan rotterdam' or `taxi minivan amsterdam' (check for airport services, those companies are more used to long-distance taxi travel) and start calling (investing in a good headset and using a service as skype considerably lowers the cost of calling to the Netherlands). Prepare yourself for an evening at the phone (calling at night from the States is a good idea, time-zone-wise) and you'll probably end up with a decent deal.

    On the other hand, reconsidering PT travel might be an option, too. The nation-wide PT system of trains, busses and metro in no way resembles that of the US, it is very accessible, very frequent (15 minute intervals or less), and comfortable. The cruise terminal in Rotterdam is about 200 yards away from the nearest metro-station, with just one transfer from the metro (which runs every 5 minutes) to the train (which runs every 15 minutes) at Rotterdam Central station, you'll arrive very comfortably at Amsterdam Central station, which is smack in the middle of the city center (chances are that your hotel is closer to the central station then the nearest point your taxi can take you...). The trip with PT, with one convenient transfer, costs about 15 euro p.p. And is about as fast (1.5 hour in total) as by car, since the congestion at the roads around Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the cities you'll pass in between. Check for address to adress PT travel advice in the Netherlands (in English, too).

    Good luck!
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