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What to See in Pingyao China

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Plan a trip to Shanxi and my friend highly recommended pingyao ancient town. What to see in the old town? Is 2 days tour enough to viewing all the attractions? thank you


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    Pingyao is an under-rated destination and well worth your effort. The legth of time you need there depends very much upon you and your style of visit. 2 days would suffice for most, though photographers could easily stay longer. The main attractions are the city walls, especially the gates, and the ornate mansions of the rich traders and government officials who lived here. If you have longer there are a number of interesting temples outside of the town. Try to avoid peak holiday times for domestic tourists.
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    Pingyao is an well preserved old town that worth several days' exploration! If you can rent a bike, and cycling in and out, that would be a great experience.

    Things to see in the old town: Rishengchang exchagne shop, pingyao ancient city wall, city god temple ming qing street and other old residents

    attractions outside pingyao: Qiao famliy compound, shuanglin temple, zhengguo temple, wang family compound, qu family compound...

    For sites outside the old town, it is highly recommend you take public bus or renting a car
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    An entire day would be enough to see the sites in the old town. I wouls also suggest you half-day trip to Wang Family Compound which is reachable by bus and the rest of the day explore Shuanglin and Zhenguo Temples. Datong in the north of shanxi is high recommended! Please see for more details.
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