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Attractions in Hong Kong

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We all know about the epic shopping and I've heard of a few good museums in Hong Kong but I'm hoping for some advice on other great cultural attractions in Hong Kong. I would also like to hear about good excursions and day-trips as it sounds like its worth exploring some of the islands and surrounding areas... grateful for any suggestions!


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    Hi Wren,
    I have heard that the Ngong Ping 360 cable car trip to the Big Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha), a trip up Victoria Peak, the Wong Tai Sin Temple, and 10,000 Buddhas Monastery are all great attractions in or near Hong Kong city. The most popular island to visit is probably Lantau. If you're keen on amusement parks, or you're travelling with kids in Hong Kong, then be sure to spend some time at Ocean Park or Hong Kong Disneyland.
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    There are many beautiful place to visit in Hong Kong.
  • There are many beautiful places and attraction in Hong Kong which inspire the people and attracts the tourists from all over the world to itself.I like this place and traveled to it last year.We visit many attraction of Hong Kong like Victoria Peak,Hong Kong Disneyland,Ngong ping 360 etc and we have a great fun out there.I thinks its a best place to enjoy your holidays.I like it so much.
  • Find here top 4 attractions in Hong Kong:-
    1. Enjoy Fun Rides: Fun rides are what attract tourists to Hong Kong Disneyland, and they are in plenty for kids aged between 5 and 9 years.
    2. Relish Exotic Cuisine: Hong Kong Disneyland is home to many high quality hotels and restaurants.
    3. Meet Disney Characters: Meeting the famous Disney characters has always been a favorite with the young visitors.
    4. Watch the Fireworks: There can’t be any better way to end an incredible day at Hong Kong Disneyland! Disney in the Stars is a resplendent firework show, offering you an experience you would love to remember.
  • Yeah these are also full fun attractions in Hong Kong.I like them so much.Fun rides is really a source of good enjoy with friends.Every one in a happy mood while enjoying this ride.Hotels and Restaurants are many in the Hong Kong.All are very delicious in food which we tried.Its really a lovable place.
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