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Visa for British Colony?

edited May 2009 in Europe
I am writing to inquire about the visa issue for a work permit in Gibraltar - the British colony.

I am a holder of CHINA, People’s Rep. of (passport) with a valid UK Multiple entry Student Visa which has been issued from 08 July 2008 to 31 December 2009 (over 12 months). I am currently the fulltime university B.A Degree (final year) student in Birmingham, United Kingdom. I will be graduated in June 2009 and I am applying for a job in the company's headquarters in Gibraltar.
Can anyone possibly tell me if i need to apply for a new visa to enter Gibraltar?
If i'm staying in the South Spain, do i have to apply the schengen visa?

yours truly, Rebecca


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    Yes, you will probably need to apply for a separate Gibraltar visa (it is not covered by the UK visia as Gibraltar is a separate country). Given that you have a mulitple entry visa to the UK, the Gibraltar imigration authorities might well be willing to let you in without a visa, however they would be eneitled to refuse.

    Spain is a separate country and is a member of schengen travel area. If you are visiting Spain you will need an appropriate visa.

    NOTE: If you plan to leave spain and visit Gibraltar (and then return) or plan to make a couple of trips to Gibraltar make sure you have a *multiple entry* schengen visa. Otherwise when you cross the broder from Spain to Girbaltar you might not be allowed back again.

    Infact, if you do not have a multiple entry spanish/schengen visa, the Gibraltar imigration will be reluctant to let you in for your own protection - to ensure you would be able to return to Spain after your visit (or unless you could demnostrate you would fly Gib-Lon etc.)
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