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Libya Visa Stamps

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Hi, I would like to go to Libya in early spring of next year, but am also wanting to go to Taba for a relaxing beach break and do a couple of day trips to Petra and Jerusaleum. Now, I know that I can't get into Libya with a Isreali stamp, and assume this is vice-versa (?) and does this include an egyptian stamp? I ready on another site that countries bordering Isreal are also included. Should I go to Libya first, then to Jordan/Isreal? Not sure how to organise this really so any guidance would be appreciated.


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    Hi Rain, I'm going to look into this question for you, but for now, one solution that makes a lot of sense is to do the Libya part of the trip first, then head over to Jordan before hitting the Jerusalem excursion. We're getting a local Israeli tour operator to offer his opinion so check back soon!
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    Thank you David. Is Libya relatively safe of a lone female traveller? As Michael Palin isn't available as a holiday guide :) I can't decide whether to go on a group tour which will only give me time to point and click my camera, or to make my way own way.
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    Dear Rain
    I can tell you from experience that traveling alone in Libya is not dangers at all
    but i should tell you that in Libya if your are a tourist you must have a guide with you at all times from the time you enter the country till you go back home
    and i can also tell you that the only dangers thing in Libya is it is SUN
    P.S : if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask
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    Dear Rain

    Hi the only country that you are traveling to is Libya that you are not allowed an Israeli stamp. So yes, you should go to Libya first, that is if you can get a visa. Visa are still hard to get for Libya. I heard recently that they are starting to give them out once you have an agency in LIbya that gives you a vis authority number.

    Once in LIbya you are then you could go to Egypt (taba border) their are one day trips that you can book from Taba to go to Petra and return and then from Taba cross to Israel going to Eilat and then via taxi or local bus go to Jerusalem.

    If you decide to go to JOrdan from Jerusalem you will need to get a Jordanian visa before arrival they will not allow this on the bridge. The only way you can get a JOrdanian visa are at teh airport arrivals or the Eilat/Aqaba borders.

    Anotheroption is getting a two year passport so you would use one going into Israel and then the old 10 year passport
    for traveling in other countries. Let me know if you have other questions.

    Rita Zawaideh
    1 800 451 8097

    We do tours to MIddle East and NOrth Africa only for the last 20 years
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    my name is Abdussalam Alhouderi
    my email address is [email protected]
    my phone number is 218926346924
    i am from libya,from sebha city in aljadeed area.
    my service is to organise trips from Tripoli into libyan desert in the south of libya for european tourists from different nationalities.Is there any one wants to travel into libyan desert?
    If you have decided to come just send me your itinerary
    thank you very much indeed

    abdussalam alhouderi
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    Hi folks,

    I highly recommend you to get in touch with they are amazing! They can guarantee your Visa.

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    Hi all - every foreigner wishing to enter Libya must go through a number of steps prior to the issue. Firstly, the passport must be translated into Arabic by a Libyan Embassy accredited translater. Secondly you must organise your tour through a travel agency who will issue your invitation for visa to Libya. I can advise that this takes some time so make sure that you start the process weeks ahead of your proposed travel. This is not necessary because of the slowness of the embassy but rather with the travel agents who will take time to reply to emails etc. etc.

    As for your itinerary, I would definitely go to Libya first, you can then cross into Egypt and depending on your passport you can get your visa at the border.

    I do not agree with using 2 passports at all!! Whenever you enter a country they want to know how you arrived at the border - right?? You didn't drop out of the sky!!I once had a man on a tour who did just this (without telling me). We arrived at the border of Jordan/Syria to cross into Syria and he produced another country passport, explaining to me that he had an Israeli visa stamp in the other one. Well, I can tell you we had a very very unpleasant 2 hours at the crossing and eventually he had to part with a fairly large amount of US$ to continue into Syria - so please be wary of doing this!!! Also I didn't know it was possible to have 2 current passports from the same country. when you apply for a new passport don't they normally cancel the old one??
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    Please update me with how i can get Libya visa from Nigeria and procedures to follow.

    here's my email ([email protected]) i mean a visiting visa or tourist visa
    Ibidunni Olufemi
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    You must follow the steps as I indicated in my last post. If there is no Libyan Embassy in Nigeria then you should have your passport translated at the nearest Libyan mission. Then you must contact a travel agent who will organise the rest. Also please be advised that it is impossible to travel to Libya as a private individual. You must have a driver/guide with you at all times.
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    You can contact Eye of Libya Tours about Visa for libya.
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    I am a single traveller looking to visit Libya in June (yes i know its hot) having found very reasonable flights and i really dont want to go with any tour group. I am looking more and more into the visa situation and getting more and more confused. Does anyone know the costs of getting a visa and also where to get the translation made from English to Arabic and also a cost for this?
    I have travelled many times to Egypt and now looking to change holiday destinations.
    Also read that you have to have a minimum of $1000 with you on arrival, is this true?
    If anyone can help and advice as much as possible I would be very very grateful, my email address is: [email protected] and welcome replies to this.

    Kind regards and best wishes

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    Sparky, in order to visit Libya you must be with a tour company. Sorry - it's not possible to travel around as solo. The tour company will organise your visa for you. As you live in the UK, you should contact the Libyan Embassy who will give you the name of their accredited translators. You will then send your passport to him/her and they will send it back with the translation.

    Libya is well worth the hassle of getting all the paperwork done. An amazing country with wonderful cities and ancient history.

    If you would like further information please either post here or email me as below.
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    I get a work visa from Libya. which no. is 13737 and my passport no. c 1208478. Please tell me that the visa false or right?
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    Shimul - who issued you with the work visa? Is a company sponsoring you? Please never give out your passport details on a public forum, this can be a dangerous thing to do! If you want confirmation of your visa then you should contact your nearest Libyan Embassy and they will assist you.
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    Yes, you can visit Libya.

    To get a Libya visa on arrival you need to contact a Libyan tour operator or a travel agent, like Temehu Tourism Services ( Regarding the translation, it looks like the guys at the border do not ask for it any more, and so some of the information regarding the translation is a bit out of date, now.

    Good Luck.
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    Trex8 - hate to disagree with you but I disagree with you. Even though things change rapidly my last dealing with the Libyan Embassy was that still an Arabic translation was needed.
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    I'm a German national, living in London.

    I need to visit Libya on business. I read that it would be necessary to obtain the necessary visa through one of the Libyan embassies in Germany (Berlin and Bonn) and that I cannot go through the Libyan embassy in London. Is this really the case and is there any way around that?

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    Jan - why not give them a call - see their contact details here, along with other useful Libya information:
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    Jan - I am quite sure that you can apply for the visa through the Embassy in London however as David has suggested, giving them a call will give you the correct information!
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    I have a British passport with Israeli stamps in it and want to visit a family member working in Libya..1) should I apply for a new clean passport and 2) do I still require a tour guide.
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    Klawd - you will need a new passport as entry will be denied if you have Israeli stamps in it. The tourist regulations are starting to change in Libya, however, as far as I am aware you will still need a driver/guide and you will still need to contact a tour company to obtain the visa. However, for up to the minute information you should contact the nearest Libyan embassy for definitive answers.

    But - Libya is worth all the hassle before hand. It is a wonderful country!!
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    ? am from georgia-tbilisi, plz can u give me ingormation how can i get the viza? in Tbilisi we dont have Libya Ambassy.
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    Christi2211 - as per my previous need to contact a travel agent in Libya who will organise your visa for you.
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    Thank you Lesley. Lesley ? would like to get viza for long time becouse my husband going to work there for 2 years. he is turkish civilian. is it possible to get viza for long time?
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    Christi - you will need to contact the Libyan embassy nearest to you for the correct advice. If your husband has a visa to work in Libya then he may be able to sponsor you for a visa as his wife. It is complicated and can take some time, but you must definitely contact the embassy.
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    could you tell me how long time it will take for waiting viza ? sorry for too many quastions..
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    Just to warn people - Eye of Libya does not guarantee visas contrary to an above posting. I am speaking from personal experience!
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    Christie - you can ask as many questions as you like!! I don't know how long it will take for your visa. Sometimes it takes a few weeks just for a tourist visa but if your husband is already in Libya he should be able to organise this for you quite quickly.
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    Christi - in addition to Lesley's great advice take a look at our Libya expat visa advice on our sister site here: You'll find some more details on what forms you need and how to apply.
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    Thank you DavidF
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    Can somebody please clarify: Do you need to go through a strict medical in order to apply for a residents visa?
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    I am not sure of the current medical requirements for Libya. However it used to be fairly comprehensive include HIV/Aids, Hepatitis etc. why not contact the embassy nearest to you to find out what the requirements are.

    Is it that you are already living and working in Libya or that you wish to live there?
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    I am planning to go to libya with my baby becouse my husband working there, is it possible to get viza for baby and me? for long time? do I need to prepare passport for my baby or police department will add my babys name in my passport? please I need all information about this issue.. thank you
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    Kristina - if your husband is working in Libya then he is in the best position to organise the visa for you and your baby. In fact, the company he is working for maybe able to assist with sponsorship etc. If you wish to travel anywhere outside your home country with your baby then yes, your baby will need a passport.

    Your first port for information is the Libyan embassy - please contact them in your home country and they will provide all the necessary information that you require
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    I am travelling to Israel but have a Libya and Egyptian stamp in my passport. Will they let me into Israel with these 2 stamps in my passport?

    Thanks for your help in advance :0)
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    i want to libyan visa , im radiographer( Bsc Radilogy ) working in india, i need a job in libya
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    cheree - it should not be a problem, it is the other way around but I'm sure it's fine
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    yoosuf - if you do not already have a job lined up then you will need to apply for a business visa and this may be difficult at the moment. Libya is in turmoil right now as you can imagine and there is little infrustructure and facilities. there is also quite a lot of fighting between factions so it is still dangerous. Please re-consider until things are more stable
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    I am from Nigeria and i want travel to lybia but i ve only my passport. What next did i need to travel with where can i translate my passport. Thanks. Chuks
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    Chuks - are you crazy?? Libya is very bad right now. Perhaps you are travelling from Nigeria to work there? If so, then you should forget that - it's difficult and we know of many who have been put in jail. However, if you really want to go then I suggest that you contact the Libyan Embassy for up to the minute information. I am very uncertain of the requirements right now. It used to be that the bio page of your passport must be translated into Arabic and that had to be done by a Libyan Embassy certified translator. You also needed an invitation from a tour company or a business. As I say, please check with the Embassy for the correct information
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