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Sweden First time International traveler

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This will be my first time traveling outside the U.S. to Europe, and alone at that. I am meeting friends, but I need to know some information about currency. What currency do I need? Are credit cards sufficient? If I take travelers checks, which is something else I have never used, when you use them, do you fill them out in Swedish currency amounts or U.S. dollar amounts when paying for something?

I appologize if these questions are a bit silly.....but I am just trying to get all the information I can so I don't seem so stupid when I get there...ha ha..

Thank you so much


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    hi im david you should try to use one type of curencyvisa credit card would be sufficient its good every where and if you have to take money out of a available atm witch would give you whatever the curency is used in that country be carefull dont travel alone in cuba always be with a friend you trust kidnappin is really bad there so dont trust strangers and dont go outside of nightclubs with strangers you just meet you dont no there intentions so stay safe and have fun
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    Stockholm is a save city even for trip alone. Public transportation is modern and clean, everyone speaks English.
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