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Travel from Germany to France without a passport and with a residence permit?

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Hello Everyone
I am a non EU national living and working in Germany. I have an unlimited residence permit, my passport is with UK border agency as I have applied for the UK VISA. in between I have to attend an important meeting in Paris, is it possible to travel to Paris from Munich with a residence permit and without passport?
UK agency has given me a confirmation letter with a copy of my passport attached to it. Can this be used as a substitute to passport for travelling to France from Germany.
I will be glad to see responses from everyone especially knowledgeable travelers or people having idea about it. Thanks in advance.


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    You cannot travel. Think from the their(people who work at airport) point of view. The rule says non EU should carry national id (passport) + visa(in your case the equivalent is residence permit)

    If you are the manager for the day would you allow anyone to cross the border violating law and get fired in the process?

    So the answer to your question is no, you cannot travel with out passport. You should have delayed sending passport or travel after receiving the passport.
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    also check this wiki article and search for 'non-EU citizens'
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    I also have an exact same problem, I am in Berlin and i need to travel to Paris on 2nd week of march, but my passport is submitted for UK Visa. I don't know if I can take a risk to book flight in case i do not get my passport back on time.

    I have my Residence permit card with me. can i just carry that along with me and a copy of passport and it will be enough ? please if somebody have any experience. please share.
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    lol. u think i must get a new passport to deal with this problem ?? u kidding me ??
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    Hi rm_indian... we've had a problem with spammers offering forged documents on this forum recently, please disregard that response. Have you found a solution to your dilemma?
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    Hello Anya, thanks :)

    yeah, yesterday i got reply from embassy about my visa acceptance, so i'll get my passport in one or two days..and then i can travel on time.
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    OK everyone, thanks for the feeback. In the mean while I clarified this issue both with embassy and EU website and it turned out that without a valid passport one should not cross the border even if you have a residence permit.
  • Hello everyone, i want to visit ilmenau Germany and my Nigeria passport is expired because am based in france, can i travel to Germany by train with my France resident permit?? in FRENCH its called Carte de sejour
  • You can travel with a residence permit but you are supposed to have an up todate passport also. Living in France is no excuse to let your passport expire. The Nigerian Embassy in Paris processes passports
    Due to the threat of terrorism in Europe there are now border checks and you may have problems without a valid passport.

    To all members and viewers . Never let your passport expire when you are in a foreign country. You never know when you will need ID or to travel urgently.
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