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Travelling to Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland

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Hi all experts, i need to know how easy is it to travel to all these above four countries from India.
I need to know to the documents that are required to travel.
Should we need to have a separate visas to travel for the above, even though they are the neighbouring countries.


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    Once you fly from India, the countries you want to visit are easy to get to because they are fairly close to one another. The European train system works very well. It is very expensive for food and accommodations in the Scandinavian countries, so be prepared.

    It is my understanding that you will need a visa for each of the countries. My recommendation is to check the nearest consulates in India for each country you are planning on visiting. Please be aware that the application procedures and fees may vary depending on where you apply. If there is no consulate in India for a country you plan on visiting,there might be a consulate in one of the neighboring countries that covers the jurisdiction of India.
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    hello! how can i get easy visa to visit sweden or denmark? im from phils.
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