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Diving in the golf of Thailand

edited February 2013 in - Thailand

I am in Thailand, I m taking some time to discover this country and enjoy his dives. Culture and Fun.

I stopped in Chumphon, whitch is for many travelers only the starting point to Ko Tao. But Thung Wua Laen beach, in north of Chumphon, it really worth to stop especially for diving and snorkelling.

This is not a very touristy place, if we compared with Ko Tao and its 2000 divers by dive spot (even if it's really beautiful).

In Chumphon you won’t find many divers, because there are only 2 diving clubs in Thung Wua Laen beach. And there are a lot of beautiful islands.

(More info if interested: ).

So I am happy to share with you one of my FAVORITE dive spot in Thailand.


  • Dives is tough job for me specially in Thailand because water has much depth and i realized that its good place for the tourist..
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