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Best time to visit Ireland

Hi all,
I'm keen to visit Ireland in February - I realise its winter but would appreciate some feedback on whether the trip will still be worthwhile? When is the best time to visit Ireland, and what exactly can I expect in February? Many thanks!


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    Hi Laurence,
    The best time to visit Ireland is in the summer months between May and September. However, I have been to Ireland in mid-Winter (January) and it was still an incredible experience. The mist and rain somewhat adds to the mystical atmosphere in some cases. So long as you're willing to be out in the drizzle you'll still enjoy your trip - the only downside is that some of the views won't be as impressive because of poor visibility. On the plus side, Ireland is usually not as cold as the UK in winter and snow is rare.
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    That is about as warm as it ever gets in Ireland. So I would look at June (July/Aug won't be much warmer but may well be more crowded). It is always rainy - but unlike the US, where depending on the season you may get torrential downpours, you are much more likely to get on and off mist or drizzle or light showers than really heavy rain. I've been 4 times and have only used an umbrella once - although I used my tissue weight rain jacket with hood a lot.
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