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Can Women Travel solo in Egypt ?

edited February 2013 in - Egypt
Egypt is generally safe for women to travel and wonder around except for some hustle and to avoid the unwanted hustle:

Dress conservatively. This is very important in Muslim countries if you want to avoid extra hassle. No mini skirts, shorts, tank tops or transparent shirts ,Save the bikinis for by the pool.

Book local female guides... female guide No matter how much you learn from reading travel books, having a personal tour guide is wonderful. ask your travel agent about finding one. book a local guide (and a driver) who go through rigorous training and years of classes on Egyptology (some are even Ph.D. Egyptologists). , it’s really nice to have the intimacy of a female guide. This way you can talk to her about such issues as marriage and family life.
Evening escapades... It’s nice to go out in the evening. While in Cairo, take advantage of attending sound and light shows or the opera. , or an Arab Music dinner show. Again, very few tourists attend and because Egyptians are so friendly, many will come up during intermission to talk and even introduce you to their family.
Always ask for help... traffic cop Never be afraid to ask for help. Egyptians are amongst the most friendly people you will ever meet. “Tourist police” are stationed near all the busier tourist areas and will not only help, but they will file a report if there is a problem. If you are feeling tired or uncomfortable in any situation, need directions or simply do not understand the language, do not hesitate to ask a passing female for her assistance. They will generally graciously help you out. In fact, you will found that many empathetic women would step in even before you realized that I needed help. Egyptian women definitely heightened the belief in the international sisterhood of females!
Inexpensive local travel... Flying from one destination to another in Egypt is safe, quick, cheap and reliable. You can also use the rail system, very inexpensive .

Book your trip with a travel company that specializes in travel adventures for women.
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