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what is the best tour company to travel with to Egypt ?

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my wife and I have traveled quite a bit, 3 continents and 18 countries. We've always traveled alone and made our own plans, arrangements and all reservations.

We talked about going to Egypt for many years and each time we got down to actually planning the trip we chickened out and went to another place on our 'list'. We once started making reservations for a trip on our own there in March 2010. Then we cancelled plans in the fall of 2009.

Every year thereafter we once again talked about it but each time we again made plans elsewhere. Finally we decided that enough was enough. The time to go to this wonderful destination had come. We've worried about it and put it off long enough. Millions have come and gone there recently without incident and it is now our turn.

We have decided to use a good travel company which offers private tours named Egyptraveluxe,we fond them through their website

Also like you we have family and friends that think we are crazy for going but like some have said here they are mostly those who worry for us because they care but have themselves not been out of the USA.

I am convinced based on what I have read that you can be as safe and perhaps safer in Egypt as you can in many places I've been already. The same is almost certainly the true for you if you've been to 15 countries.

Life is too short to avoid a place that we are able to visit that we both have wanted to see so for so long.


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    I've visited Egypt 5 times, most recently just after the revolution. I It's an incredible country and the people are very friendly. Protests are just in certain areas and are easily avoided. Egypt is like no other place on earth, don't listen to the fears of others, please go and enjoy it.
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    Dear Nile princess

    Do Not worry Egypt is now safe i am Egyptian girl i live in Egypt and i am working in travel Company if you want to help you in organizing Trip to Egypt i can help you with good price. If you want to organize trip to Egypt you can contact me through this website OR
    You are welcome to Egypt At any time.
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    If you are travelling from the UK then avoid Thomas Cook Holidays, to any destination, at all costs, they are worse than useless.
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    Dear Nile Prince
    Good Morning

    Let me introduce myself i'm Mona from Eict Tours Travel i just wanna answer you but i swear by God that Egypt is safe and please for you and everyone don't always listen for the Big Liar Media cause isnt true i have 4 paxs from Amercia you know what is mean Amercia and really spend a lovely trip together so if you really wanna visit our country welcome to you and i can send you a lot of the differents programs who you can choose from it what you feel happy

    if you need any help you can contact me at [email protected]

    waiting your soon reply
  • Hi Nileprinces
    I have travelled with Egypt Traveluxe , I stayed in Marsa Alam for 2 weeks and had lovely excursions to Luxor and Cairo from there all organized by Egypt Traveluxe I also contacted them through their website and all worked out very professionally and perfect so go with them I recommend them to all my friend and when I come back to Egypt I definitely will use their services again
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