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Sudanese visa

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Hey guys

I'm planning to go from Cape Town to Cairo. Any tips on obtaining a Sudanese visa, I hear it's pretty tough to get one.


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    You get one in Addis at the Sudan embassy. If you can't, you can then do a quick flight over to Aswan in Egypt?
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    hello david f and hoon
    you could be the guys i need as you seem to know what pots at Aswan etc -I want to start in egypt ,see the pyramids etc ,train and boat the nile south and then head off through the sudan and khartoum and on down to cape town. any ideas ,the tricky bit will be the hop from aswan through the sudan - are there flights to khartoum and on wards and any visa issues in the sudan ,how i do it is not important,road hitch fly boat etc can i fly by the seat of my pants or do you suggets i pre book everything .also who did you use for visas etc if not by the seat of your pants?? also innoculations etc
    regards and thanks for any help
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    what are the requirements for me if i have plan of going to sudan
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    hey leigh. mi planning on going to sudan as well. when you find out information on obtaining a visa can you let me know? im from australia. what about you? i cant find any information on the internet of how to get a sudanese visa for australians. please help if you can
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    Hi Al, did u by chance end up finding any details about the sudanese visa? i am an aussie, hoping to head there. could u apply in Addis?
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