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visiting places in california............

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have any idea where i can visit................


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    There are countless great places to visit in California: LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Hollywood, Big Sur, Redwoods/Joshua/Yellowstone National Park... what sort of trip do you have in mind?
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    I think California have such a superb and most beautiful places. Just like LA, San Francisco, San Diego Hollywood and more other  place, Some time i also confuse that where i go........... The reason only every place have own beauty.....
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    I agree with Anya K! There are numerous great places to
    visit in California but Yellowstone National Park is in the state of Wyoming;
    not in California. The most attractive national park in California is Yosemite
    National Park. Yosemite Park attracts the visitors for its natural beauty and
    charm and offers great opportunities to learn about nature. Some other places
    to visit in California are:

    1. Los Angeles
    2. Las Vegas
    3. SeaWorld San Diego
    4. The Disneyland Resort
    5. The Golden Gate Bridge
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