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Can I enter Saudi Arabia on a Manual Pakistani Passport?

edited February 2013 in Middle East
I came to Malaysia on visit visa 2 months ago. I have unfortunately lost my passport and the Pakistan Embassy here in Malaysia issues only handwritten passports. No computerized passport is issued at all in Malaysia.

Now I am getting a job in Saudi Arabia and am interested in moving in to Saudi Arabia. But the passport I will have will be a manual passport. I know one cannot enter Dubai on a manual passport. Is this the same for Saudi Arabia? Is computerized passport a must for getting a Saudi Arabia's Visa and arriving there? Or my manual passport is OK and I dont need a computerized passport?

I am worried because if its a must to have a computerized passport, than I will have to go back to Pakistan for getting one. But if Manual Passport is OK, than it will save me a lot of money and time.

Thanks in advance for your guidance.


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    You have to be sure first.Ask your passport office if they will allow your manual passport don't go foe suggesstions here and there just ask the right place i.e. your passport office or embassy.
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