Can I enter Saudi Arabia on a Manual Pakistani Passport?

edited February 2013 in Middle East
I came to Malaysia on visit visa 2 months ago. I have unfortunately lost my passport and the Pakistan Embassy here in Malaysia issues only handwritten passports. No computerized passport is issued at all in Malaysia.

Now I am getting a job in Saudi Arabia and am interested in moving in to Saudi Arabia. But the passport I will have will be a manual passport. I know one cannot enter Dubai on a manual passport. Is this the same for Saudi Arabia? Is computerized passport a must for getting a Saudi Arabia's Visa and arriving there? Or my manual passport is OK and I dont need a computerized passport?

I am worried because if its a must to have a computerized passport, than I will have to go back to Pakistan for getting one. But if Manual Passport is OK, than it will save me a lot of money and time.

Thanks in advance for your guidance.


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