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Internet Nigerian girl

edited February 2013 in - West Africa
Hello, I am a computer engineer from Romania and I found this nigerian girl, from Lagos. Exchanged photos, been on webcam etc, even exchanged ID pics (had enough brains to photoshop erase the important data from mine ofc so it cant be used for an identity theft).

She sais she wants to come to me in June and I need to make her an invitation. Now this invitation states that for the next 2 months I need to pay for her accomodation and stuff, including deportation costs in case she'll not leave. The girl incase is pretty but not an extreme beauty or something, apparently she works in a bank (confirmed by tons of pictures from 2009-2013) and by her bank email (its not spoofing, I verified, its the real adress). Me myself I'm not bad looking either, the difference in age between us is m 36 and her 30 so its not like I'm an old fat dude with the black swan.

Two things I dont like is that she claims to be a virgin (at 30, really ?) and with a very serious christian pentecostal family, educated parents etc. I told her several times that I wont send her money since I'm afraid of scams so whatever story she might come one day, I wont buy it. She told me she got some savings and will pay for her ticket and stuff all by herself.

However my issue at hand (seeing so many scam stories around us) is what if everything is just a visa scam ? what if she only wants to get access in Europe ? is there anyway way for me to actually check this, I know that it might sound stupid but I am actually asking for advices.

Thanks for reading.
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