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Hotel near hanoi airport

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I'm looking for a hotel for one night to stop at Hanoi airport, I arrive at HAN at 22:10 at night and i'm flying on VN 663 to Singapore next morning - departure at 8:15am.

If so, can anyone recommend a nice one?

Thanks so much!


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    I can highly recommend the Airport View hotel in near Hanoi Airport for your stay. It is about a 15 min walk from the Noibai Airport about 1,5km - picked up and dropped by hotel car cost 3usd/1way. It is easy to get there from the airport. This hotel is clean and comfortable, the staff is really friendly. You receive some fruit and water when you arrive.
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    Phuong Dong Airport Hotel (3km from Noibai International Airport).
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    hi there
    yes! there is a hotel close to Noi Bai airport, get out of airport you turn left and go cross big road then go straight up a little bit on right hand side is Noi Bai airport, if you want to check and accommodation on the site let drop a line here i can give a reasonable suggestion
  • If you need to stay close to the airport airport view hotel is great.

    i stayed at Hanoi airport view hotel on march 2013, The room has a double bed, lots of towels, a scrupulously clean bathroom, and the staff speak English. I don't recommend this for a destination holiday, but if you're in need of a safe, clean spot for passing through, this fits the bill perfectly!!!

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