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I'm a Canadian Citizen wishing to go on a visit to Doha, Qatar. Do I need hotel reservation?

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I'm a Canadian citizen wishing to visit Doha, Qatar to visit a friend that works there. I have looked into the requirements of obtaining a visit visa to Qatar and I am getting mixed comments or information on what is required. The information that I'm getting is making me more confused rather than making it clear to me what I need to do and what I have to bring. I was told that I needed to get a hotel reservation certificate from a known hotel in Doha from some people and getting a different answer from other people and websites regarding visit visa requirements in Qatar.
I don't really need a means of accommodation because my friend has a flat that has 3 bedrooms and shares with other expats there as well.
So my question is, "Do I really need to have a hotel reservation in Doha to be able to be granted a visit visa in Qatar and how long will my visit visa last?"

This would help my trip go a lot smoother if I find out what I really need to do.

Thank in advance for all the comments that I'll get. Have a good day everyone.



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    Fellow Canadian expat (working in the middle east), I was transiting in Doha last year (2008), but had a 14 hour layover. Decided to get a visa from the airport and stay in the city overnight. No problem. Just went up to the little bank kiosk near the customs desks and bought a little debit card to pay for the visa (about 100 Qatari riyals - roughly 30 odd Canadian dollars). Went through customs, no problems. Didn't have a hotel reservation at all, in fact, I just went up to the desks after customs stamped my passport and picked a hotel. I believe the visit visa was good for approx. 28 or 30 days. So don't worry about having a hotel booked, you really don't need one. Hope this helps.
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    Thank you very much for that insight and I'm getting a bit more comfortable about my plans and trip to Doha. I was now wondering how a single female traveler is treated by the customs and the country natives in Qatar. I was once an expat child living in Saudi Arabia as well and I want to know how the two countries differ on a woman traveler.
    Thank you again and I hope to hear some comments about this soon.

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    I hope you enjoy your time in the Gulf, although this time of year you are going to find it extremely hot and humid - especially Doha. Qatar is still quite restrictive when compared to other Gulf states, but certainly not as restrictive as Saudi. Good advice always involves conservative dress. No bare legs or arms in public. Perhaps you still have an abaya (not actually required in Doha - don't worry!) from your days in the Kingdom. Other than that, you are free to move around the city, where and with whom you please.
    Have a great holiday.
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    Hi. I am hoping one of you could assist me as well. I am a South African travelling to Switzerland with a long stop over in Doha. Would it be possible for me to get the same type of visa?
    thanks for you replies
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    I am a Canadian citizen. Do I need to carry my photos for procuring Visa upon arrival in Doha?
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    i am a canadian citizen and want to visit qatar for few days. what requirements do i need? do they require bank statements or any proof that you can support yourself as a tourist?
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