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What to see and do in Laos

edited March 2013 in Far East Asia
Hi all,
I'd appreciate some advice on whether Laos is a good travel destination and what to see and do while there? I'm attracted to it because it still seems somewhat undiscovered and I like to travel off the beaten track. What are the must-see attractions in Laos? Thanks!


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    Hi Mike,
    Laos is amazing! It's sleepier and more laid-back than the rest of Southeast Asia (or the parts of it I've experienced) and if you want to avoid the package tour types I think its the best option. Luang Prabang is a UNESCO-listed heritage city with some epic temples and a unique atmosphere so its a must. One of my favorite places was Phonsavan, a weird collection of ancient and enormous jars in a number of sites. The area was heavily bombed during the Vietnam War and there are lots of unexploded bombs about, which actually makes it feel more exciting. The Kuang Si Falls are also really lovely. And there's lots of great hiking! Check out this Laos Travel Guide for some ideas.
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