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Siberian train from Moscow to Vladisvostok - train travel query

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Anyone travel in Russia by Trans Siberian train from Moscow to Vladisvostok? 6 nights & 7 days? Also, how do you return to Moscow? by train again or fly to Moscow? Anyone visit Irkutz to see Blue Lake for a day on return trip? Is it an economical trip by train in Koupy class (between 1st and 3rd class).

Any English speaking people on long distance train? I am also considering to travel on the Trans Siberian train Moscow to Vladisvostok, possibly in early fall. Which is a good english website to look into train travel in Russia? Anyone travel on Rossia train? Is it easy to get visa? Any other suggestions and advise?

Thank you in advance.


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    Hi check out for great train travel tips to all four corners of the world...have fun!
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    I just returned from a trip to Russia at the end of May. I travelled from Moscow to Vladivostok on the Trans-Siberian rail with stops in other cities along the way. I got my visa through Cost is about $200 and you need to apply at least a month before your trip. I went through a booking agency for my train travel which made things a lot easier and the staff was very helpful with all questions I had. You can reach them at The Rossia is the pride of Russia and the top of the line as train travel goes. It depends on the dates of your trip if you will be able to take it or not. Koupie or four berth compartments are fine. Sometimes they are full sometimes not. I used both the Koupie and first class (two berth compartment) and the only difference is more people to a compartment so less storage space and a longer que for the bathroom. I flew into St Petersburg and out of Vladivostok, but if you have a roundtrip ticket from Moscow i would suggest flying back there from Vladivostok as the train will take much much longer. Sometimes you will run into people that speak/understand english but don't rely on it. Learn some basic Russian and carry a translation book with you. If you do nothing else learn their alphabet. If you can translate from it to english and back it will help you more than anything because almost everything is written in Russian from Metro station information to street signs and names of places. i do not know how much travelling you have done or how adventerous you are but i would suggest having transfers from/to the train station and from/to the airport as finding transportation otherwise without good Russian language skills can be difficult. Also watch out for the gypsy cab drivers. You will know them by their solicitation for taxi. You will always overpay for their service and may or may not have any trouble with them ie taking off with your luggage after you pay. For a taxi from Vladivostok to the airport the cost is about 800 rubles but well worth it since it is a fairly long drive. Leave at least three hours before your schedule departure time since the roads are always congested in Vladivostok. Also know that Vladivostok is very hilly like San Francisco so be prepared for some walking if you are not used to it. Try not to carry much cash with you into Russia and use the ATMs there instead of exchanging currency. Moscow ATMs usually only dispense large bills and many places don't carry a lot of changed so plan ahead. Also, withdraw a few large sums instead of many small sums as you are charged the same service fee for each transaction. Sorry if this is a little long but there is much to know. Above all be careful, try new things, and have fun. Russia is a great country with great people. Hope this helps.
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    Suang: I am familiar with An excellent site for train buffs like me.:-)).

    TravelTrav: Thank you for sharing your travel experience on Trans-Siberian train from Moscow to Vladivostok. I really look forward to take that route. Thanks for the referral web sites for English speaking tourists. I am a seasoned long distance train traveler and traveled extensively on India's long distance trains. Last year I traveled for one month within India's long distance trains and spent about 24 nights sleeping in the trains. Very adventurous indeed.:-)).
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    from Vladivostock take the ferry to Fushiki Japan it is used to trandsport used Japanese cars and buses to the russian far east. It is full of really interesting Russian second hand car dealers...
  • Check - it offers a customer trip for any budget.
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    I'm taking the transiberian railway in June, if you would like to join me, send me a note: [email protected]
    /expat girl currently living in Moscow
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