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Weekend trip to Berlin

I'm thinking of spending a long weekend in Berlin as I need to be there for a business meeting earlier in the week. It's never realyl interested me that much, despite being a major tourist city. What's the word out there - is it really worth exploring and what are the essential sites to see? (apart from the berlin wall.)


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    Berlin is a really nice city. You will never be bored. There is always something you can do or somewhere you can go to when you are in Berlin. Since I was there in the summer all I wore was my bikini!
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    We've recently just come back from a week in Berlin and what a great city. People were really friendly and great sausages, highly recommend the buckwurst and currywurst yum! But I must say I was shocked to read another traveller had also encountered the very nasty ticket inspectors on the trains! We did the right thing and bought a weekly ticket and when the undercover inspectors came around asking for tickets we were quite proud that we'd mastered our way through all the German instructions to purchase our tickets. That was, until we were escorted off the train and when surrounded by approximately 5-6 inspectors we were told that we had to pay €40 each as we had not validated our tickets. Despite us explaining our situation and that clearly the ticket is printed with the date of purchase, and the fact that we were leaving in 3 days gave us absolutely no reason to purposefully avoid validating, we were ignored and handed fines. I'm from Australia and as much as our transport system doesn't tolerate fare evaders, there is also a level of common sense applied to tourists, especially if they can't speak our language and are clearly trying to do the right thing. Let's hope Berlin wise up before the ticket inspectors drive away tourists from enjoying such a great city.
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    A Ripp-off Trap for Unsuspecting Visitors: Unless you want to spend the money for a day pass, avoid the Berlin public transportation system for smaller trips. Single tickets are valid for 2 hours - but only “in one direction
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    ITB is the largest travel show in the world and takes place every March in Berlin. More than 100,000 people attend from all over the world. If you're going to Berlin in March, check the dates. If your trip overlaps with ITB make sure you book hotels, flights, taxi and restaurants well in advance. If you're going to ITB yourself make sure you take comfy shoes - the exhibition hall is massive and you'll find yourself walking for miles.
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    Hi Tim,

    Berlin is very cool. The bars are great and I would recommend doing a walking tour. It's a great way to get around and learn about the history of the city, and you will see all the touristy things like the wall and checkpoint charlie at the same time. The TV tower is worth a go too.

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    My wife and I spent four days in Berlin in early December 08 and purchased a 48 hour travel ticket for both of us from our hotel. We were informed that the tickets must be validated before we take a train journey or on immediate entry to the tram. Berlin is a beautiful city and well worth several visits.
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    Berlin is definately worth a visit.
    You cant go wrong if you buy a Welcome Card for your hotel for around 20 euros, this then gets you free public transport for a set amount of time, i think it is 72 hours. (I went 2 years ago! Memory is failing me slightly!)
    Just ensure you get it validated. As is common accross Europe the ticket needs to be inserted into one of the validation machines. Your ticket is worthless without doing this on the first part of your travels.

    Top places to visit: The Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, The Story of Berlin (Musuem), Berliner Dom (Cathedral)
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    Amazing city which I have come to love over the last 2 years.The public transport system is excellent.I just pick up a 48 hr travel card at the airport on weekend trips and validate it on the station platform and it takes me all over the city...Zone ABC card covers me from Schonefield into town and takes me as far as beautiful Potsdam .Loved the 36 Olympic Stadium and now the home venue for Berlin Herta games...The Tiergarten ,great for a Sunday stroll.Inside the amazing Reichstag and even a look around the Hauptbahnhof..what a station.Berlin is an amazing mix of old and new,brash and yet charming,exciting and surprising.Take the time to explore this city and just enjoy the experience.Its well worth a visit.
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