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Surprise holiday in Asia - where to go?

edited March 2013 in Far East Asia
Hello there, I really hope you can help me.

I have set aside 10-14 days to travel to the Far East for my wife's 30th Birthday. No real idea of an itinerary but I would like to try and include Bangkok, Hong Kong and possibly Singapore. I would also like to put a few days aside to enjoy somewhere on a beach to unwind at the end of the trip. We have travelled much of the USA and Europe but when it comes to the Far East i'm pretty clueless. Any suggestions welcome on an itinerary. Hopefully i'm not trying to do too much in too short a space of time. Also how is it best to purchase flights. Will they have to be individual internal flights and the main flight to Bangkok and back or do airlines do multi tickets?

Many Thanks!!



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    You can get confirmed booking/ticketing using websites of Thai Airways or Malaysia Air lines. Since you're planning trip to countries next to eachother.

    Probably you can go to Thailand first and then move to Singapore and then Hong Kong.
    Why not add indonesia, malaysia, philippine as well?

    Why i am suggesting this? I am Paksitani and just moved to Malaysia for work. Although Pakistani passport is not as travel free as US passport, but Singapore is like next city from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and then Indonesia/Philippine are just near by. You can go BALI (beaches) and Jakarta (business city/capital) in Indonesia.

    Philippine is full of beaches. Hong Kong is rather far I'd say. If I were you, I'd drop Hong Kong. Its just the same in weather and people as Singapore/Malaysia.

    Last, since you're coming all the way from US, consider CHRISTMAS ISLAND - which is just below Jakarta (in google map) - although this is a territory of Australia but far apart and absolutely different from AU.

    I think I was too detailed :)

    Kamran Khan
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