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Travelling with children in Morocco

I am a single mum with 4 children aged 15 down to 9 wanting to take the children on an adventure to see a really differnt way of living. I am looking at Morocco including some time on the coast at Essouria ,a camel safari, staying in a berber gite in the High Atlas and one night in Marrakech.
The accommodation and travel will be booked before hand. My concerns are the temperature and the general safety of being on my own with 3 daughters and my 14 year old son. Any advice really welcome please.

Many Thanks



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    I am also a single mum, with a son aged 13, looking to do a similar trip this summer, with trekking in the Atlas mountains. As, unlike your children, my son doesn't have siblings for company, I am looking at an organised family holiday, in this case with KE travel. We have been on similar family adventure holidays in the past (Egypt and Central America), and they have been fantastic. I was always the solo backpacking sort, and never used to go on package holidays, but I have been converted. Total absence of hassle or worry, and nice adults as well as kids!

    The KE trips are only 8 days, but one can extend them, either through KE (more expensive) or just independently.

    Re weather - if you google for the temperature in the places you want to go to, you can get all the info you need. I have discovered that even in August it's not as bad as I had feared.

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    Morocco is an extremely safe country and you have an advantage having children. Moroccans adore children and will go out of their way to assist you! The temperatures in high summer are extreme in the Sahara during the day so you will need strong sunblock, hats and something to cover your arms otherwise you will fry!

    If you need any further advice about Morocco please contact me-and enjoy your trip
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    Many thanks for your comments - we are going! I have booked the trip for July through Naturally Morocco who are organising accommodation, transport etc and have been great so far.

    Thank you again.

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    British couple Francis and Dawn Boys-Stones have 4 children, including a teenager; they live in Marrakech and would be an excellent "sounding board" for advise. Villas Fawakay, where Dawn and Francis live is ideally suited to families with children. If you click on you'll see a contact form for Francis and Dawn. I am sure they will assist you with quality advice.
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    hello family

    my aivise is welcom to morocco and about your child don't worry about anything because here now in morocco is very good is not like last summer but anyway the palce where you are going is good mountaine is good weather and also in essaouria and about the desert even is hot there is everything now swimpool and aircodition ....

    so ma man from Morocco i make tours for people who wanna visite good and have good experince .

    so this my webiste for to have idea about what im doing :
    my mail : [email protected]
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    Hey, I recently went on a holiday in Morocco where I spent the better part of a month going on trips to Marrakech and experienced the Riads in Morocco with my husband and two young children. I highly recommened the trip the landscape is gorgeous as it is exotic. We travelled with the Berber Family and their private tour morocco at
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