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Taxis at Bourgas Airport

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Has anyone used a company called Bourgas taxi

is it true if i arrive at airport its double price or even more?


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    When you first arrive at bourgas airport and need transport to your destination Taxi is your only option.
    unfortunately the Taxi man has become a greedy man to foreigners and will charge well over the taxi rate to take you to your destination.
    My advice is to tell him your destination he will give you a price haggle and agree a price before you enter there taxi make sure the price is agreed in lev and mention the currancy lev or you might find you are charged in Euro.
    when you arrive talk to other tourist thay might know a Taxi man who will give a fair price back to the Airport.
    If you are a regaluar visitor to Bulgaria talk to people who are foreigners and living in Bulgaria thay will advice you.
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    They can /and probably will/ double the price when you arrive and start searching for a taxi in front of the airport. I prefer to book the transfer online and have never had problems with it. They are always waiting for me with a sign of my name at the exit.

    I am using to book a taxi transfer, because I am prepaying the full price online and never pay directly to the driver. Then I have peace of mind...
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    If only double, you can even experience tripple or quadruple prices. The best way to get taxi is to call one through a hotel and agree on the price with the driver before you get in the car!
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    airport taxi transportation is still the cheapest, and the best. \m/

    check this:
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    Hi Stephen,

    Book your taxi before your arrival at Bourgas airport. I`m using for my transfers to Sunny beach.

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    Hi, Stephen.
    The Best airport transfere company is Interservice Bulgaria Ltd. - Owners are Mira and Nikolai .
    From Airport Burgas to Sunny Beach they charge 50-60 Bulgarian leva./ euro 25-30/ -- without hidden and additional charge.
    Also they speak English and other languages.
    They are professionals !!
    24 Hrs. line: 00359894411223 in English or Rusian.

    I hope I was helpful !
    Regards Tony
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    Hello everyone,

    Some taxi compenies with good prices and safe driving you can try also: or + Rent a car service

    Hope links helps all of you

    Nessebar fort club
    Sunny beach
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    HHB Holidays are reliable

    They have two web sites <a href="">Taxis Bourgas</a>

    <a href="">Coach from airport to Sunny Beach & resorts</a>
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    Transfers in Bulgaria really differs a lot , from 50lv to 80lv per car one way to Sunny Beach from Bourgas. Here are some useful sites I found and are one of the cheapest:

    Never pay upfront the whole amount of your airport transfers in Bulgaria.
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    We are owners in the garden of eden st vlas comlex, we have tried several companies, the problem is they are not companies they are one man and his car and not reliable when things go wrong and flight delays etc. we now use HHB travel for all our rental booking transfers and our own they are a good price and have been very reliable and received good feed back from our guests
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    Hi, I suggest to use if you need transfer from airport.
    As we are from Sweden, safetiness is very important for us:-)) so I recommend them. When I compared I found their price to be good and since it is fixed price then you don´t lose valueable time for negoatiations.
    My kids still remember Mira and Nikolai; kids know better who is "real friendly" and "no turist friendly". Good luck and pls say hello from me if you meet them! Br //Daniel
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    I travel to Bulgaria, Bourgas airport 4 times a year and my family travel twice a year. I will never take a taxi from the airport ever again, The taxi drivers which I have meet at the airport rubbed me blind, the minute I opened my mouth with my wonderful English accent my fare more then doubled and you have no choice but to pay, one taxi driver said to me if you don't pay the price that I want, you stay at the airport, I was furious. they don't use there meters and if you get them to use the meters they put so many extras on top it still cost you double. I had to find a company which gave me a true price and a safe reliable service. I found that company on the internet called I tried them and the service was excellent the price was cheap in comparison to taxi outside airport, they have never let me or my family down, you pay a deposit on the internet, I paid by paypal the driver takes cash on arrival, your name is on a board when you arrive at the airport.
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    An alternative way of taking a cab is hiring a car yourself. It's a bit more expensive but you would definetely not pay nightmare fees for short distances. I'd rather rent a car once I pay a solid price for my credibility to a taxi driver. Besides cabs there are also car rental companies at Bourgas Airport and you can find them in the arrival's hall. I used the services of a local company named TOP Rent a car and was really happy with the car and the price. While I was staying in Sunny Beach I grabbed the opportunity to travel around once I had hired a car and visited the nearby resorts Nessebar, Pomorie and Sozopol which worth seeing. Hope to be helpful.
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    we book with

    good value reliable and book with them every year
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    Yes, be careful with the taxis in Bulgaria. As soon as they see that you are a foreinger, prices go up. The best thing to do is to book a taxi at an airport kiosk or to get a shuttle bus. There is a shuttle bus from Sofia Airport to the city centre for example.
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    I recommend this company:
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    We have used HHB travel now since we purchased our apartment in Bulgaria in 2008 they are the only serious transport company who you can rely on. FIVE STAR service and same price as the other one man taxi services
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    we booked a local driver he didn't collect us as he was stuck with other customers we called HHB travel they came and rescued us..... Don't book if they only have one or two cars is my advice however friendly they are Bob and Ali
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    I would suggest you hiring car from as I have used them and they seemed a good car rental company to me. It’s always good to hire car from reputed car rental company as the service they give is good along with good quality cars.
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    We have hired a car from prices are very good value
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    00359897744593 this guy is called peter. he speaks perfect english, is totally honest and has become a good friend to us on our holidays to bulgaria over the past 6 years....I couldn't praise him enough. he even picked us up in varna to take us to sunny me; he will not rip you off
    hope this helps
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    Provide a relaible and competitive prices for Bourgas Airport.
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    This year we again used it is HHB Travel they are big and have new vehicles and good drivers. The price is good and excellent service.
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    Recommend used them both for airport pick ups and rent a car Also do local runs to Old Nessebar or Khan`s tent Cheers Peter
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    We are using Ilia all the time. he is local taxi driver living in sunny beach. His father is taxi driver as well. Ilia is with 7 seats minivan. They are really honest people and they will never rip you off. Ilia picks us and our clients during the whole summer. He speaks fluent English.
    His number is 00359887087696 and he charges 60lv from the Bourgas airport to Sunny Beach. also this summer the will try with online bookings web based system that will allow clients to buy transfer ticket online before they arrive to Bulgaria. (here is the weblink of the online system that will be started i think after April 1st ->

    Hope this information helps some people from the UK and my friend Ilia at the same time :)
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    We have been to Bulgaria once and have booked from . All went ok except our flight delay.
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    Heh, Tom thanks for good words about us. Our platform is just started yesterday.
    Bourgas Airport Transfers - online booking at:

    Any questions are welcome.
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    Recently book to Sunny Beach from Bourgas Airport with . We've looked at other options but friends of ours had used that company in the past so we decided not to try others.
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    Last year we booked through

    Prices are realatively low comparing with the taxis at the airport. We have use another companies in the past and one more but couldn't remember the name , all have similar prices.
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    We've booked online our transfer through

    Service was excellent , can recommend it.
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    Well, taxi's is making some deals to someone that would make it expensive.
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    Just back from our holiday in Sunny Beach , Victoria Palace hotel . We used and were happy from their service. Will use again on next visit.
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    recommended: Ilia from Sunny Beach mob.number 00359887087696

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    It cost us 50 gbp from Varna Airport to Sunny Beach , and 20 gbp from Suuny Beach to Bourgas Airport through I think prices are reasonable although if you spend more tome looking might find cheaper.We were happy from the service .
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    The price from sunny beach to bourgas airport is 60 leva or 30 euro.
    Number is 00359876000311.(Everyone who want to order taxi need to call min one day before).
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    Hello everyone,

    Taking yellow cab direct from airport can cost you 90 - 130 levs one way. Pre-booking a taxi is must. So I can recommend for private transfers Easy can google them. Email: [email protected] They do airport transfers from Burgas airport to Sunny beach at very reasonable cost. They provide 24 h help service.

    They offer trips and excursions from Sunny beach. Car hire.

    I used them many times. Many of our friends have also used this company with no problems.

    Hope this helps

  • Hello,
    I used bourgas taxi once and I will not recommend it to anyone else. But if someone wants a professioanl airport transfer services from Bourgas or Sofia to Sunny beach I will deffinitely will recommend Bulgaria Airport Transfers. I had a delay longer than 2 hours but the driver was waiting for me.

    Check them ! I highly recommend their services.
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