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Botswana safari-best time of year

edited March 2013 in - Southern Africa
Would like some advice for a trip next year. Having been to the Serengeti in Oct. a few years ago, when many said it was not the best time, I can't imagine it being more spectacular than it was. Would really like to go in a green season, but we don't like crowds.
Heat doesn't bother us too much and we know the wildlife will congregate more, but I have a picture in my mind of the Delta in the green season that just has to be spectacular.
So is there a semi off season month that would be good to go to the delta, Chobe, Moremi etc.? The painted dogs and elephants are of huge interest and we are birders.
Thanks for any suggestions,


  • Dear Lisa

    Botswana is a very nice and peacefull country.U are more than welcome to do the trip from this time of the year till september it is cold this time bt july and august is also the best time as it will be a dry season that is summer and u can spot more animals at the pools  like the blackpool in moremi national park and also explore the delta.i can do these trip for you under my company bushbabycalls.You can send me an email [email protected]

  • Hi Lisa,
    It sounds like you would enjoy a trip to Botswana at any time of year. However, as you've already been in October, which is right at the beginning of the hot, wet summer season, perhaps it would be better to go later in summer to experience the green landscapes you are keen on. May might be a good option as it is just after the hot, rainy season and everything should still be pleasantly lush. As far as bird watching is concerned, the dry winter months are arguably better, because large gatherings of birds tend to gather around permanent water sources.
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