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scam:adopting a puppy

this guy puts his adds at with ref # 3865936 his email add is [email protected] and his name he said was richardson alex, he said hes in cameroon & got 2 puppies named kimberly & kenny, english bulldog. i said im interested getting only one for my daughter, but he said i have to pay £80 to begin with for the airport fee for the puppy, i will receive details from cameroon airlines, i did. but they want m e to pay £80 plus the insurance £40. by money gram to the receiver anita ewunkem. i send money 13/05/09 , this people send email again saying thanks for the payment ,& gave me wrong flight details. they said pick up puppy from heathrow fri the 14` th . it was wrong date, and flight details is 1795. they cant even tell me what terminal. i phoned heathrow airport, theres no such flight number, & advised me to report the police. they said theyre receiving phonecalls from people been scamed almost every day.the puppy s doesnt even exist, some people waiting for invisible puppy at the airport, the weird thing about this the people who scamed me keep sending me email re assuring me it s not fake, & they re keep convincing me puppy will arrives at heathrow friday tommorow 4:59 pm .


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