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Morroco travelling tips

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I am travelling from London to Casablanca in few days and i have few things I want to sort out!
I will arrive in Casablanca's airport at 23:45 on Friday night. As far as i am aware i can't hold with me morrocan dirhams on entering the country. So is there gonna be any place open at the airport at that time so as to change pounds to dirhams? If yes what is the best option? ATM or BC? Can you also recommend the best way, money and safety wise to get to the city of Casablanca from the airport?
I also read various opinions regarding transportation within Morroco regarding the safety of the buses. Any view on this topic?




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    I wrote the following article on money matters some time ago but this is still applicable:
    There is a Bureaux de Change which gives a commission free rate (use only the currency of your country) but if this is closed try the ATM's. Depending on the day you arrive, the cash dispensers may be empty, particularly near the weekend. These are rarely restocked until the following week so if you ask for a large amount of say 2000Dh and get nothing, try for a smaller amount like a few hundred Dh. What you are allowed to withdraw from an ATM depends on limits imposed by your bank.
    Taxis are always a safe way to travel from airport to city. Buses at this late hour are unwise as they are slow and you may be the victim of professional pickpockets.
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    Hi John,
    I'm planning a trip to morroco in late June for me and a friend, we are flying to Marrakech from London, we are going to be climbing Mt.Toubkal so will be in the mountains for the majority of the week. The one thing I'm struggling to figure out is transport from Marrakech to Imlil where we will start trekking. I understand we have to go to Asni and then change taxi's to get to Imlil, is this right? What is the best transport to take and how much should we be looking at for the fare? Can we get any taxi or bus to Asni?

    Any information would be a great help,
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    When people begin to travel, they often worry about how the country will affect their health. This could be through pollution, food or water, but you can be assured that in Morocco, there is very little need to concern yourself about health. However, Morocco travel information is what we provide, so you should bring bottled water to drink instead of tap water when you are outside of cities. You also do not need vaccinations, and there is little worry about illness, other than a sunburn or upset stomach. You should bring sunscreen and intestinal medicine like Pepto Bismol, just in case. Now that is a piece of Morocco travel information you can rely on!
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    A shared taxi from Marrakech takes six passengers, four in the rear and two in the front seat. You can purchase a single seat in which case you get all the front seat although this is a very cramped and uncomfortable way to travel over longer distances.
    Take a shared grand taxi from Marrakech to Ansi and then switch to a local taxi to Imlil. You should plan to stay at least one night.
    Hiring a private taxi will easily cost ten times or even more than using the local shared taxis so consider sharing with no more than three others especially if you plan on taking luggage.
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