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Criteria for Tibet entry permit

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I have read more tips about the permit
but how to get it ,and must i join a group tour?


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    Hi mjj,
    If you want to Tibet travel, You must have Tibet Entry Permit. The Tibet permit is Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permit.Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permits are necessary for entry to Lhasa or any other part of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, and are obtained through tour operators as part of arrangements for travel; A T.T.B. permit does not obviate the need for an Aliens’ Travel Permit for any closed areas that may be visited.
    But you can get them easily from your travel agent like
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    According to the government rule, Tibet Entry Permit is required before the international tourists entering the area. When you take flights from other cities into Tibet, you might be asked to show your permit at security check. If taking train, it seems that no one is handling the check. But after your arrival in Tibet, if you don't have the permit and get caught, there might be some problems. To get a Tibet entry permit, you need to book a tour (even a simple package) with a Chinese tour company, which can help you to apply for the permit. For more info, you can visit

    Good luck!
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    Once you book tour in Tibet, your travel agency can be your representative to apply for the permit for you. But please confirm your tour at least two weeks prior to your arrival so that the agency has enough time for the application. To apply for the permit, the copies of passport and visa are required.
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    Tibet Entry Permit is not available for independent travelers. You have to travel in tour group and ask legitimate travel agency to apply it for you. You need to give such info to the agent like 1) Full name 2) Passport Number, 3) Nationality 4) Gender 5) Date of Birth 6) Occupation. (All exactly the same with your passport).An absolute minimum of five working days is required to apply your Tibet permits. More info can be found at
  • The one bit of information not made clear above is that a group can be one person so, to answer your question, you need not join a group tour. You could have a set of private arrangements, though that would be expensive
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    How do I go about finding a "registered" tibet guide. I understand this is necessary in order to obtain a permit/ visa into Tibet.
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    Hi, traveler, if you are a International tourists, you can get the permit through a qualified travel agency.

    I have read some related informations on the webpage:

    And, you shoud notice that Tibet will be closed from June 25th to July 25th in 2011 due to the Grand Ceremony. So, anyone who plans to visit Tivet, you'd better try to avoid this period.
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    Is it possible to enter Tibet from Nepal and carry on through into China ?
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    Hi there,
    Currently new policy from Tibet Tourism Bureau says that Tibet will be closed in September and October. If you would like to know more about the Tibet Travel Permit, Please visit You will get latest news about Tibet Permit.
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    Well...Tibet Permit is easy to get with a travel agency and what's the most important thing is you can not travel there alone, so as they told you,take a tour is necessary.I know an agency help your Tibet Permit for free,but you must take part in their group.
  • Hi, traveler, if you are International tourists, you can get the permit through qualified travel agency. I have read some related information's on the webpage tourtibet and, you should notice that Tibet will be closed from June 25th to July 25th in 2011 due to Grand Ceremony. So, anyone who plans to visit Tibet, you'd better try to avoid this period.
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