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Can I extend a tier 2youth mobility visa from Australia?

edited April 2013 in Visa and Passport
Hello, I am a32 yo female from Australia and am desperate to stay in the uk for a little while longer (my visa is up end of next month) I have had no luck with my own research into this.. So wanted to see if there was any advice or help out there? Can't hurt to ask!

I have been doing mainly volunteer or disabled care work over here.. As I had saved I didn't need to get a "serious" job.. If only I had though! But now I am wanting a little more time. I don't have to work, I can prove that I can support myself if this is of any benefit, although I don't think I can get any kind of visiting visa either.. Although preferably I old like to live and work the rest of the year.

Is there any hope?? Lol I'm not holding my breath but if there is any advice it would be great fully received!

Cheers :)
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