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Overstay my p1 visa in the USA.

edited April 2013 in - USA
Hello I'm from Italy and I overstay my P1 visa in the USA less than 1 year, and now I just apply to the visa waiver program,and I just reciave the confirmation , I have my girl friend that live there and I want to stay for 1 month there.should I go to the embassy and tell them that I overstay before I travel to the USA? Can someone advice what I should do it.


  • Hey, I haven't been able to enter to the US because the immigration didn't allowed me and I went back to Italy ,and I applied for tourist visa because I'm not able to use my Esta authorization any more. I just apply for the tourist visa and they denied , and my passport stayed with them for 1 month to more research. I don't know what to do, can someone advise me please .
  • I am sure the the USA Immigration department must have told you that you are now subject to a ban on entering the USA.

    You said you overstayed by one year so this could lead to a 3-5 year ban on entry at the worst a ten year ban.

    You also wrote that you applied for the Waiver Programme but as you were refused entry it seems your application was unsuccessful.

    A way around the ban maybe for you and your girlfriend to marry and you enter the USA on a spouse visa, unfortunately you are now in a very difficult situation.

    Maybe your girlfriend could consult a USA immigration lawyer for advice on your problem

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