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validity of automatic visas

edited April 2013 in - Australia
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I have just returned from a cruise on the Sun Princess, where my wife and I were charged $46 when the ship visited Benoa (Bali) in Indonesia even although we did not go ashore and advised the purser's desk beforehand of our intention not to go ashore.
Our passports were also stamped, even partly over a sticker which can easily be removed! thus indicating that we visited Indonesia even although we did not set foot ashore.
This at least seems morally wrong, and I questioned the matter at the purser's desk, and they could not show me any legislation or written policy concerning this matter. 
Can anyone advise me?


  • Hi there,

    If you just want to ask about validity, it's valid for 30 days. Could you advised me how long Sun Princess stay at Benoa Harbor ? If it's only stay under 3 hours, they shouldn't stamp your passport and charge VoA. If Sun Princess remain over than 3 hours or 1 night. They will charge VoA on your stamp. This is last regulation that I knew at Benoa Harbor.
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