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currency in turkey

edited April 2013 in - Turkey
can someone help me plz regarding curregncy in turkey is it lira if so how much is a lira worth roughly if i bought s
omdwething at 10 liras roughly how much is it costing in gbp and do you think i would be better bringing minimal liras is it a better exchange rate out there should i bring sterling plz help as i never used this currency before plz help also what is time diffrence ou there thank you


  • At the moment £1 =  2.7 Turkish Lira so £10 = 27 Turkish Lira

    Pounds are changed readily. In Turkey they have cash machines just like the UK where you can use your debit card. 

    Turkey is 2 hours ahead so when it is 9 am in the UK  it is 11 am in Turkey.

    I hope that helps 
  • I'll add one tidbit that could help with exchange rates.   Currency exchanges in Istanbul are very good, but make sure you use legit locations.   Don't ever exchange your money on the streets.   
  • You can change your money at any change office around touristic and commercial areas. Rates will be more interesting than banks.

    US Dollar and euro is accepted at everywhere but we don't know so much actual sterling rate.

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