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[email protected] DavidArcher

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has anyone heard of this guy [email protected] or DavidArcher ?
he tried  to get money from me said all the right things to get me to like him very much ,feel sorry for his sick  child ,no family wanted to meet me then the taxi cab accident .I caught on to him and told him.I haven't  heard from him since .So was just wondering if anyone else out here has heard of him.


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    this information was correct
  • well i am David and i dont why people go about spoiling other people imagine, as for guest i have no idea who you and neither have i chart or meet you before but i guess you freak and a stalker  and Mich14 why cant you just talk to me like an adult and i would have explain to you.
  • Brilliant - I think he may need to change alias 
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    Hello everyone,

    This is my true story about a scammer calling themselves David Archer. He professes to have a daughter who is seven and is a widower. He says he is a civil engineer(building contractor) building a mini mall in Nigeria. He said he's from England ...grew up in Jamaica.

    His email addresses are listed below. He is also on Linkedin & is preying there.

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    I want to give y'all some info on this scam artist. I am a Canadian female who was on a dating site...not sure which one. I had started emailing this person back & forth. I had asked him if he ever went on chat site & he said yes so we exchanged gmail addresses. I added him to my google contacts & there was a picture (not same as one on the other site((a little different but then hey who knows what one really looks like in different poses)) that made me think hmmmmmmmmmmm... He was online yesterday via chat. I had only sporadically been on chat(rarely) & ususally I was invisible because I was in middle of a relocating.with my job & accomodations. Time ensued & finally I actually had a chat with him...a long chat... yesterday...I asked him again how old his daughter was & he said seven. One of the very first emails he had said his daughter was nine...hmmmmmmmm that's something you should know...the age of your child.  

    OK so now I am today thinking I should google his email address(yahoo) & lo & behold it takes me to wordtravelsforum website. It was there that this scammer's deeds were revealed...there it is [email protected]

    so he is lurking out there everyone...just so you know ... he use to have a pic on linkedin but now it's gone.

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