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How to travel around the Schengen countries when the residence permit expires?

Hi, I have this situation and wish someone could help me:
I have a residence permit in Sweden because I'm studying in this country and I will finish them the 1st of June.  My residence permit expires the 30th of June and I plan to travel to all the Schengen countries until the 30th of August. Therefore, I've been in contact with the Swedish Migration Board and the Swedish Embassy in Copenhagen, since it is closer that Stockholm, and they have given me this answers,which are not solutions and make everything unclear.
1. The Migration Board says that I cannot apply to an extension of my residence permit because I won't continue my studies in Sweden.  However, they doubted.
2. The Swedish Embassy in Copnehagen says that I cannot apply to a Schengen visa because I'm in Sweden, which is a Schengen country.
3. The Migration Board says that could, they are not sure, apply for an Schengen visa through Germany or the Netherlands.

Any information at this issue would be highly appreciated.


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