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Booking hotels right before their "free cancellation" deadline.

edited April 2013 in Europe
Was trying to book some hotels in Europe but everything's gone!! 

Would have booked earlier had my travel agent not FUBAR'd my itinerary because of which i had to cancel all my reservations.

Wondering though, is it probable that some rooms might open up close to the hotel's "free cancellation" due date? Some people (including me) sometimes hold up bookings till the last possible moment while looking for alternatives, or finalizing their itineraries, and drop them if and when they do find a different/better option. 

Is it really safe to assume that one might be able to take advantage of this "Free cancellation" window? 


  • I very much doubt that every hotel in Europe is booked up. I suppose it's possible that a specific hotel might have a cancellation, but I don't think you can rely on that happening. Where are you travelling?
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