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what are the tips for preparation of international travel?

edited April 2013 in - Singapore

Hi Everyone,

Can you give me  international traveling tips which are useful for Traveling Overseas.I am going first time for traveling overseas, so please help me 

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Smith,

    Are you going to Singapore? It's rather hard to advise you without knowing more about your trip.
  • Hi Smith,
    A piece of general advice which I have found useful is to make copies of your passport and visa and other important documents, and keep the copies in a separate bag/pocket on your travels. If you are robbed, or lose something important like your passport, it is far easier to deal with if you have copies. Enjoy your first overseas trip!
  • If you're planning your trip on your own then I would suggest to check the official embassy website of the country you're visiting for more details and tips provided for the visitors/tourists. And, if you're planning the trip with any travel agency means then better to have a talk with them to get the clear details and and let your queries solved.
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    email your passport number, visa , name of embassy , to your own email address, so if you loss something , you can visit internet and you get your details............
    would you like to go florida?? try hotel near universal studios......

  • Most
    important thing is passport and Visa. Without these two you can't go.

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