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Expired SA Passport, but valid UK Passport with Permanent Residence Stamp

edited April 2013 in - South Africa
I'm a UK citizen by birth, but spent most of my life in SA, and became a naturalised citizen at 16 (ie got the ID book, etc)
Moved to the UK 7 years ago, and now intend moving back to South Africa with my wife and 9 year old daughter (both are South African born, and both have UK & SA citizenship). We all departed SA on our SA Passports.
However, my daugther and I have SA Passports that have expired, and I
was wondering if we can arrive in SA with our UK Passports, and then have our SA Passports renewed in SA? I have a Permanet Residence Stamp in a previous UK Passport (as well as the Certificate), would that make a difference for me?
I suspect their would be a problem with that?
Appreciate any comments


  • Hi there, I am a south african citizen and my sister lived in the UK (Colchester) for 13 years. Her SA passport had expired as well as her drivers license. She moved back to SA two years ago with no issues coming into the country on her UK passport. She then also got her SA passport renewed back here in SA without issues at Home Affairs Department offices. The only thing she had a issue with was her drivers license, sa insisted that she pay a massive fine for her expired drivers license but after proving that she had been living in the UK for 13years 9(by affidavit written out at the local police station) she got her a new SA drivers license. Dont know if this helps but hope so.
  • I am in a similar situation. I have dual British&South African citizenship and in December 2014 went back to SA for a week's holiday. Upon arrival, they noticed that my SA passport had expired a year ago! (I am usually very organised! ) They warned me but then stamped my British Passport that basically says I have residency in SA and am allowed to enter. On my return back, I immediately looked into getting my SA passport renewed at the SA House as we are due to get married there on 7th April 2015 ! They told me it takes 4 months or longer, so decided to use an agency in SA. After much money spent on a courier and getting fingerprints taken, my passport renewal application has not yet arrived with the agency and I now believe there is a HUGE backlog in passport renewal applications, which means that I may still not get it back in time. With all the best intention in the world, I am now panicking. Does anyone in this thread have any positive updates that may help?
  • Hi

    I hope someone can help me...of my mum!!
    My mum has an Indian passport, her passport expires on 23 March 2015, however she sent this off to the Indian Embassy in London 3 months ago. In the meantime she has booked flights to go to India - on Tuesday 24 Feb 2015!! All this was on the understanding that she would get her passport back within 4-6 weeks.
    However, they still havent renewed it. So we have got the passport back without it being renewed after a major fuss at the Indian Embassy today.
    The Embassy have told us that my mum can renew the passport in India - however, I don't know how true this is, I don't believe a word they say after the treatment we have had.
    I was hoping whether anyone knows a little bit more about this, and can assist me/my mum.
    My mum is 72 years old, and lost my dad 3 years ago, she is extremely stressed out, and the Embassy doesn't care.
    Please help - anyone.
  • In my opinion your mother is better off applying for her passport in India.
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