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Turtle nesting season in Gabon

edited April 2013 in - West Africa
Hi everybody,
I'm really keen to see leatherback turtles hatching - I'm told it is a profound experience. Apparently one of the best places to do this is Gabon, but I would be grateful for some advice regarding when and where to go. When is the turtle nesting season in Gabon? If I only have a few days for the trip where can I go that is easily accessible? Thanks!


  • Hey Mike,
    Gabon is a great destination for turtles! The best time to visit is in December or January, which is peak hatching season for leatherbacks. You can take night tours of the beaches to see the little guys hatch in the Pongara National Park, which is conveniently located a short ferry ride away from the capital city, Libreville, which is where you will no doubt land. 
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