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Driving in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

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We will be renting a car on our up coming trip to Germany,Swizterland, Austria. Do we need a drivers license for that or will our US one work?


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    Your US license is fine.
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    I want to ask the same question, only our driver´s license is from Chile, will it work or we need to get another one?
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    What is wrong with just using your Passport? Do we need to bring a drivers license??
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    Sorry, I am not talking about driving in Europe I am talking about currency exchange :(

    Dont know why this came up on google :|
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    mack - Most car hire companies let you rent provided you have a valid, un-expired license (the original, not a copy) and a credit card. Your Chile license will be absolutely fine.
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    Hi David. I am planning a trip to Vienna from 28 June - 01 July & Salzburg from 02 July - 04 July. I am thinking of renting a car from Vienna and driving all the way to Salzburg. Also thinking of staying somewhere along the way on the 01 July. Can you please advise the best route to take and maybe the best place to stay along the way. Thanks.
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