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Cairo –Egypt

edited May 2013 in - Egypt
Hi there,

Hope someone can help me with this me and my wife are from
the uk and would like to visit Cario in August, I have a British passport, my
wife has a Pakistani passport indefinite stay to remain in the uk.

I've been told that she will have to apply to get the Visa at
the Egypt embassy in London, can she not get her Visa once we go to Cairo.

Can some tell me the process, thank you.



  • yes , u can she can receive it as soon as she arrives Egypt airport 
  • According to IATA, she does need a visa. It says nothing about being issued on arrival. You have plenty of time, so the best thing to do would be to contact the Egyptian Embassy in London and find out the requirements.
  • I dont know much about that, but i guess your problem has been solved. share with others too so that if anybody can have problem they can know the procedure too.
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