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Nigeria with Children....

edited May 2013 in - West Africa
I am travelling to Nigeria Imo state, First time to meet my partners family this December for 6 weeks, we are travelling with our two young children 3 and 18 months.
If any other woman has travelled to Nigeria with children as of late I would like to know how it went if you felt safe, and if anybody knows information about Imo state (I ask my partner but he very proud Nigerian and nothing ever bad happens there) despite what you hear and read. 
We are traveling from New Zealand so also mothers with advice on long distance travel with children it will take us 47 hrs.

Any positive or Negative i would love to hear from you.


  • Why would you not be safe with the father of your children??Although there is some crime here. I see far less crime than America. Be assertive and not scared.I dont see why some women who marry nigerians would not like to buy a house here , its wonderful and peaceful, but ladies should respect and obey husband and give him space. Asking your man to serve you in front of your in-laws will look bad.Be a lady.They will love you.

  • Obiaku,
    You refer to your partner not your husband so I am assuming you are not married.

    Firstly and being absolutely blunt you are crazy to go to Nigeria at all especially with two little children. Are your children girls? If so they would be in danger from FGM

    These are the latest health dangers and requirements relating to Nigeria

    Secondly Imo State and its capital Owerri is near the Niger Delta which is unsafe for tourists. There is continual low-level violence between government and militant groups, and there have been several kidnappings of foreign oil workers.

    This is the British Foreign and Commonwealth Website I suggest you take their advice. I am sure the New Zealand Government must have similar advice.
    at the present time the FCO advise against all travel to Nigeria.

    I hope this has given you food for thought. Please do not do take this trip.
  • please say something good  for lagos.. I will move to this city for job in jotna group for 2 years. please give travell guide.

  • Hi SMS123

    I will advice that you travel to Lagos state for your job program and do not worry about any danger. Nigerians are friendly regardless of the negative new you watch on tv and hear on the radio. Just like every other country with vices, Nigeria is not immune to challenges. When travelling particularly to a new country for the first time, there is usually some element of fear which is normal. Getting around will be very easy with your colleagues to assist you.

    For Obiaku travelling to Imo state. My advise will be to ensure that she makes adequate arrangement for her accommodation in Imo state. This will be to keep you accommodated in the event that the house of your partner is not conducive enough to cater for you and your children.

    Welcome to Nigeria
  • Thanks For Submission News About Nigeria. It Was Unbelievable that Nigeria Has A Poor Country But It Provide Different Culture Of India. 
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