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All Nigerians are not fraudster,

edited May 2013 in Africa
All nigerian are not fraudster, we have geniune God fearing one, who love and care..


  • then help me find out if the guy im dating is telling the truth or not///
  • edited May 2013
    Hello, I have met a Woman inm Olfa Nigeria, and for nine months we have been talking on line, she is beautiful. she has only asked for money one time. But i informed her I did not have it to send. and I wouldnt send it anyway because of the amount of scammers in that area.She or he i say he because of my research , I have found that most scammers there are black men. Any way The person in question has sent me many many pictures so i was intitled to believe that she is real. Hre name is sandra kelly, has anyone been scammed or have heard of thuis woman? I would appreciate any Information on him or her Thank you. Steven
  • Be careful. Don't send money to someone you don't know.
  • yes thtats true I met a man online and he asked me for my bank account im so stupid idid trust him... now im not able to keep banking in my bank or any other bank for the next 8yrs...he asked for money and I sent about total of 2000 dollars.... I cant belive how stupid I was...
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